Make Merry!

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God said:

Beloved, how you want Godspeed. You urge it on. How you want to grow, and how you may feel you lag, and how eager you are to do cartwheels to please Me. You want, with all your heart, to extricate yourself from the past that holds you tight. You want to leap ahead, yet something deep within you seems to hold you back. You almost step across the ocean, and then you stop to think.

Beware of thinking! Let your heart drive. Too much thinking may make you frown and keep you from dancing across the starlit stage that awaits you. Never mind that you are onstage. Allow Greatness to arise. You may tend to try too hard and overlook the grace of life as it is. This may be the same as it is in Godwriting. In the the trying, or rather in the over-trying, is how you miss the target. This is a secret to life.

When I created the Universe, I didn’t try. The Universe arose before My eyes. I called the Universe to Me, yet, I let the Universe happen. I did not contrive the Universe.

Creating isn’t quite the same as constructing. I did not use blueprints. I burst into joy seeing what appeared before Me. I didn’t build a model. No, I saw a model, and there it was.

Then I said to Myself:

“Wow, this is Creation. This is a done deal as it comes down the spout. Creation belongs to Creation Itself. Hallelujah!”

Creation popped up of its own accord. Creation is not some kind of razzle-dazzle invention. Creation bursts from its own flame.

Then I said to Creation:

“How do you do, Creation! Happy to meet you! Yippity do dah! Hot dog! Look at You!!”

I took joy in what created Itself!

How does an author innocently write a great book? He feels an urge. He closes his eyes and lets what comes forth come forth from his pen as it comes in joy. He lets it rip!

How did Shakespeare write? It has to be that what he wanted to write wrote itself from within him through his delight in writing. Desire and writing met in mid-stream and, voila, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Theatre were born. Shakespeare’s plays existed, and Shakespeare’s hand pulled them down from the stars in a certain progression. Shakespeare discovered.

This is how life simply lets go of itself like an arrow.

A target appears on the horizon. Ready, set, go! Life pulls pack on the arrow and lets go. Life doesn’t run around chasing life all over the place. Easy does it!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. When you succeed – when you find a job you want, when the deed is done, it was easy. The job was yours set before you before you knew it.

Generally speaking, you don’t wrest something away from the world.

Generally speaking, something reaches you of its own accord.

There is something that is drawn to you and something in you that is drawn to the apple in the tree that falls into your hand.

Generally speaking, here you are!

Have the idea within you that life is meant to be easy. Let life happen as it wills.

Here is the Secret to Life to go by:

Life is not meant to be a struggle. So don’t struggle. Don’t declare war on life. Know that life works on your behalf. Shake hands with life. Allow life to befriend you, and you befriend life.

The advice of life is to make merry.

Begin now!

You may ask how you accomplish this. That’s just it. You don’t accomplish it. Life comes to you the way the Sun does.

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