Make Room for Life as It Is

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God said:

Beloved, today is a day for you to take into your heart. Why would there be any day you don’t take into your good graces? What is desirous about any day that you plunge into despair when I desire you to rise? Remember that childhood refrain about minding your own business? Life isn’t all your business. There are lines you are not to step over.

My desire for you is to encourage yourself to your own truth and everyone else to his own. I do not want you to settle for heartache alone. Nor, dear one, are you to decide to settle for less for anyone else either. Turn yourself around. Build up all. Bright skies from now on. Keep your eye on the Sun.

The world depends upon you. Encourage yourself, and encourage the world. Think. Be a blessing to the world and all in your life. Stay away from a vortex that sets you or anyone back.

Add to the world as you would like it to be. Thumbs up. Focus more love in the world. I didn’t create you to be disheartened. Give Me a high sign as well, too. Be My ally. Give the world a hands-up. Enlighten yourself. Why on earth not? You are a good soul, good soul. I invest in you.

I will not have you sitting around sucking your thumb and twirling your hair. Now is time to wake up. Now is time to inspire. You are here to bless the world! Change your thinking.

You are not to be a bee in the world’s bonnet. Love the whole wide world as it is. Go beyond where you have gone.

Life is to capture you and spread you to the good of the world. Stand high. Ready yourself. Wake up the world to its unfolding. Go ahead. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Fall on your knees for joy and not for woe. Happiness is to befall you right now as quick as a wink.

Arise. Desire more. Get ready for greater. Succor the world. After all, what is it supposed to mean that the world is your oyster?

Beloved, yes, settle for more. Nor are you to settle for less for anyone else as well. It’s not alright. When you settle, odds are you are making excuses of one kind or another.

It may be truthful that everyone has hard streaks. Yes, there are those hard stretches that are not easy to accept. Then cast your eyes of love on those stretches. If your heart hurts because of an injury or that a loved one has flown off to Heaven, recognize once and for all that it is only a concept that love can be lost.

You may be thinking too much of ownership of love. Put more attention on giving and accepting love. Love isn’t ownership. You are to set your loved ones free. Free them to themselves. Love more. You are not to rein in your loved ones.

You are to love and set everyone free. Restricting a loved one is a vicarious idea and not your right. Letting go expands your heart. Let your heart include life as it comes. You are a giver of life, not a naysayer.

Wish your loved ones well wherever life may take them. You were never designed to be the ruler of any other’s life.

Wish everyone Godspeed on his or her journey. Love. Share. Life is a delicacy. Savor it. Are We on the same page now? Free life to whose ever life it belongs to. When someone wants more or less than you, let the Sun shine as it does. Hands off, Beloved. Freedom.

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