Manifesting the Accords in exchange of our binaural synaptic Waves

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What we speak of in here is potentially linked with systems which are utilizing conscious energy... For manifestations of the Quantum Thought. In meaning... This preposition is formed for us to attend to a singular confrontation which works in standardization of the energetic cords we get to work with, and attach to, with meanings which are differentiated by the accords we attain from other beings.

So to simplify this process, we would contend to a universal suprema, which gives rises to exchanges, that potentially links the super conscious mind, (transcoding) the many formulations inherited from the point of birth we have on this Earth... As conscious awareness is developed with the many integrations we have coupled with, to explain and learn and evolve (experience) the cosmic universal mind... As to couple the standardization of the energetic cords we get from delving into constructs which interchanges our core structural design (Blueprint) We attain singular momentum within the hyper active fields, which disposes telemetric rises, for us to commend towards better proportionate links, while we refine our conscious awareness to give rise to potential understandings which extrapolates the contents of our lives (main management route).

The access codes are given in subtle formations... As for we attend to hyper active fields, while having Binaural Synaptic Waves, modulated for frequencies to interpose and interchange the subliminal accords which are concurrently working as or with the super consciousness.

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