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Full Moons are a time of releasing.  It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working. Go deep into yourself, your foundations, your old perceptions, your Soul….. and observe what is no longer working for you.  What is no longer vibrating where you are now vibrating?   It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.   Especially at this Virgo Full Moon…… as we are in a very intense time period…..we are moving towards the crest of another very large hill on this roller costar ride that we have been on since 2010.  This is a high voltage Full Moon…

With all Full Moons (remember Full Moon energy is a day and half on each side of the peak), we have the Sun exactly opposite the Moon.  So with the Full Moon in Virgo, the Sun is in Pisces.  The Sun and the Moon are in opposition, and an opposition in Astrology asks us for an adjustment, a balancing, a compromise of the opposite ends, in order to obtain positive growth.  In this case, the Full Moon is in Virgo & the Sun is in Pisces.  Virgo sees the details and Pisces sees the whole picture on all spiritual levels, Pisces is in dream land, and Virgo is in real land.  Virgo uses analysis and Pisces uses intuition. Virgo is in the head, and Pisces is in the heart. Virgo is in the physical realm, and Pisces is in the Spiritual realm. Balancing Heaven/bliss (Pisces) and Earth (Virgo).  With this Full Moon we can bring in an incredible amount of Piscean energy through meditation and dreams, creativity and manifesting, than bring them down to Earth, with the Virgo Full Moon…….where we can ground the energies and use them in this reality.  Be aware however of the grey side of Virgo, which is too much detail, putting things off because you think that you don’t know enough yet, or because it isn’t perfect yet… other words....don’t hold yourself back.  The grey side of Pisces to be aware of … is addictions and getting lost in the fogginess of the Piscean energy, procrastination, and being ungrounded.

With this Virgo Full Moon, it is also a good time to focus on your health, work and service.  A lot of Healing is available during this Full Moon.  It is also a great time to clean (release) out closets, basements, and your own hidden stuff deep in your Soul…… that the Universe is wanting you to release!   This still holds true for things that are no longer vibrating where you are vibrating, including jobs, where you live, family, friends, and lovers…. it is a time to distance from them in the most loving and compassionate way… things may change down the road.  Release the old in all areas of your life…. that is no longer working towards your future!

This Full Virgo Moon is in aspect to  Pluto in the ongoing Cardinal T-Square….. adding even more energy of radical change and transformation to this Full Moon,  The Cardinal T-Square, during this Full Moon is made up of Pluto Squaring the North Node (what we came here to learn)….which is in Libra ( about Love, Peace and balance).  Pluto is also squaring the South Node (lessons from the past that we want to move way from) which is in Aries (the Warrior, pioneer, and initiator).  Also sitting with the South Node is 3 other planets in Aries….. Uranus (sudden things happening, lighting bolts and earthquakes, constant Change, humanity), Venus (love, feminine energy, creativity) and Mars (male energy, the warrior, the pioneer, the crusader). The Universe is speaking loudly here about balance……Bringing into balance….. the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Male,  and pharmaceuticals and  natural medicine’s……GMO’s and natural food…..etc.   It is about bringing them into balance for all humanity.  It is time…now… at this powerful Full Moon…. to take charge and begin to make a difference.   How can you take some steps to bring these things into balance?   How can you bring about change in these areas?  

We also have Mars (in this Cardinal T-Square) that will be sitting with (conjunct) Uranus on March 11th, and squaring (stress and friction) Pluto.   This is a very powerful aspect and it could possibly become a volatile time throughout the world.   During this time and for a few weeks… careful and cautious…watch where you are walking and how you and others are driving.  Watch what you say and how you say it.   Know that the energies are very chaotic right now….and very intense.   Of course these energies are also affecting the World and the Earth itself.  I find it interesting that this conjunction of Mars and Uranus on March 11th…..happens right over the Vatican.   This could also bring about a Quantum Leap in our world….and a much awaited….. break through!

Releasing and cleaning out all the old….. is very important with this Virgo Full Moon, as we head towards the 7th out of 7 exact (by degree and minute) Cardinal Squares (between Pluto and Uranus)….happening in about 11 days.  This is the ending of a cycle within a cycle!!!   The first exact Cardinal Square (with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries) was on June 24th of 2012……and the last of the 7 will be on March 16th 2015 at 8:50 pm CDT.    The bigger cycle (the Shift),  of the Cardinal Square with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries started in the spring of 2010 and will continue through 2017 and loosely to the spring of 2018…..

With Venus and Mars sitting together in the same sign of Aries……it is a message from the Universe that besides the balancing of the Feminine and the Male that this combination indicates.  It is also saying that some of the lessons that are brought about during this Month….starting with this powerful Full Virgo Moon will be about learning through relationships.  Relationships of all types.  People, places, and things that no longer vibrate where you are now vibrating… is time to distance from them.  Family issues, with our spouse’s, our partners, our children, our in-laws, brothers and sisters…..and even love relationships (which can also trigger family issues), bringing up lessons that are deep within us and forcing us to look at issues that can make us feel uncomfortable.  This is presenting us with the opportunity to see what is no longer working for us in these areas.  Who, or what situation is not vibrating where you are vibrating……who might not be seeing things the way you are seeing things.   With this Full Moon….it is a good time to release many of these family and relationships issues.   It might be the time to distance from these relationships for a while.   You can do this in a loving and compassionate way…..just don’t be as available…..distance……in the kindest way possible, knowing that things can change down the road…..either by the rise in vibration and understanding from  the other, or by a permanent distancing.  It is time to think about all your relationships…..meditate on them…..see what needs adjusted and ask for guidance…..than Trust in that guidance.

The Universe has also given us a release valve during this Full Moon.   The Pisces Sun (part of the Full Moon) is sitting between Neptune and Chiron……all 3 in Pisces.  Pisces again is about unconditional Love and high channeled creativity.  It is very intuitive and understands the more mystical world. It is about Meditation and dreams.   So with the Pisces Sun (our life force) sitting with Neptune (which rules Pisces)…..the spiritual energy…the direct connection to Source, Spirit, God/ Goddess, Buda, Yahweh …what ever your version is..   Is extremely powerful!!   With both the Sun and Neptune sitting with Chiron…the Universe is wanting us to take notice.    Chiron was known as the healer of the Gods and the teacher of the Gods.  He represents a wound that we are trying to heal this life time…..both for ourselves and for the collective.   This combination is about healing the collective wound of our Spirituality and how we have been treated and manipulated many times in the past by Religions.  Not all….but some. It is about being able to share without fear our own beliefs.  It is about how we can help heal that collective wound.   Meditate on what the next step should be for yourself and for Humanity.

Remember that The Earth has also been, and will continue to receive these very intense energies as we climb towards the peak of this current hill in mid March.   We have already seen and will continue to see very unusual weather and Earth rumblings, Volcanoes, and releasing…..etc     We can see these energies also playing out with the World Powers Russia, the Ukraine,  the US and all nations as we  encounter and try to put an end to the dangers of ISIS.  Remember we are releasing the old ways…the “Old” in all areas of existence.    The “New” is about Peace, unconditional love, Joy etc.

With these powerful energies, you may be feeling tired, lethargic and worn out…… it is a time to listen to your body and to rest when you need to rest. Our bodies are trying to incorporate a lot of energies at one time, and the energy is intensifying.  You may be feeling like chaos is all around you… is a time that things are being put right in our faces….so we won’t miss them….and so we have to face them and make changes.  Change isn’t always easy…..but realize we are heading for that “Big Picture”, even though we are not sure what that totally looks like yet, we can still envision it.  Remember we are looking at the rise of the Phoenix out of the ashes……and it will be beautiful!!!!!

Our intentions this month need to come from honesty, and from the truth in our hearts.  You must Love with higher Wisdom (Pisces), and experience Joy with Knowledge (Virgo). 

Release at this Virgo Full Moon the things that are no longer working in all areas of your life…things that are no longer vibrating where you are vibrating. What/who do you need to distance from at this time? Watch your thoughts, your emotions, and your reactions.  Pay attention to your reactions in situations that present themselves.  If your buttons get pushed, don’t judge… but observe.  The Universe could be trying to tell you something. It is time to release these things at this Full Moon.   It is a time to be quiet, call in God/Goddess, your Angels and Guides…..your whole Team.  Embody all the Piscean energy of this Full Moon and let yourself dream…..let yourself spend extra time Meditating!!!   Connect with your Guidance and think with them….talk with them……and ask them for guidance……. then trust in there guidance.      Manifest….Create….Meditate… and above all……Listen!!!  

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2015   Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved.

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