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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology-Cathy Lindsey
This Leo Full Moon – Super Snow Moon …is a very active Full Moon. This is also a Super Moon meaning that the Moon is very close to the Earth and therefore increasing and intensifying the energies that we normally feel from a regular Full Moon. As we all know…the energies right now are very urgent, intense, chaotic, a bit volatile, and disruptive. And they have been intensifying over the last several months…activating changes/transformations in both ourselves, the collective, and governments throughout the World. During these turbulent times… people are a little on edge, anxieties are flaring, and most of us feel like we are totally exhausted….even when we have had plenty of sleep. Our bodies are trying to incorporate all these unusual energies…..at times bringing in the feeling of being over whelmed. Notice how these energies are playing out in “real life”…your own life…the political “life” and the World “life”.


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Greetings my Beloved Masters of the Universe. The message that I have received from my guides is that this Full Moon of October 13th portal that is coming our way is a very powerful one. This full moon brings with it the energies of change, the energies that will help you to take off the blindfolds that have been holding you back from moving in the right direction for your soul. This is a time to take action, and to examine everything in your life yet again. However, this time, you will have more confidence to do so. Because the energies that are coming our way will assist you in doing so.

This full moon is highly focused on relationships that we have with ourselves, and those around us. Our outlook on life, how we view things and our day to day activities are all going to be examined as if under a magnifying glass. Things that we were able to push down before will begin to come up and we will be forced to acknowledge what is bothering us, and actually take action to either change our outlook on things, or completely change our lives. But this is only the beginning, because all the way until January of 2020, we will continue to purge everything that cannot possibly go with us into the new age.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very dynamic, important and Powerful Full Moon!   This Full Sagittarius Moon is not only sitting with Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius) but it is also sitting on the Galactic Center (a portal to the Universe, where we can access Higher realms, Higher truths, and Higher wisdoms)...and then to add even more energies to this Sagittarius Full Moon…. it is happening only days before the Summer Solstice!  Intensifying the energies as we move into Eclipse season in July!  Then add in the Cardinal T-Square with Pluto/Saturn/South Node…opposing Mercury/Mars/North Node and all 6 being squared by Eris! We have a time of intensified Evolution!  It is a turning point…..a time of initiation…a time of choices….releasing what is no longer vibrating we are now vibrating and a time of radical change!

It is also a time of feeling like you have very little energy and a time of feeling overwhelmed.  Also since Mercury (planet of our Voice…how we speak and what we say) is sitting in the Cardinal T-square, you may want to watch what you say….the tone you say it in and the energy around it, as words can fly out of your mouth in energy or in ways that you didn’t intend for them to be surrounded with, and there can be miss understandings etc.   This is very strong energy and our bodies are trying to incorporate it all….and it isn’t easy.  As we move though July with 2 Eclipses….the energies will continue to increase from this Full Sagittarius Moon through July.  Just be prepared and work with the energies and make good choices….because on the other side….there can be amazing opportunities.    

This Full Sagittarius Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon as this is the time of year that Strawberry’s become available.   It gives the Moon a sweet energy. 


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Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden with Master Djwhal Khul give a synopsis of the current moon energies within the context of ascension mastery.

As we enter another period of full moon activity, we are also experiencing a Lunar Eclipse. All of this occurs on February 10, 2017, 4:32 PM Pacific, 7:32 PM Eastern, and 12:32 GMT February 11, 2017.

As the moon is in Leo, it represents the creative process of the Feminine Divine, while the Sun in Aquarius brings forth the act of dependence and mental pursuits of the Masculine Divine. These energies can be at a crossroads.


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JANUARY 12 2017 - FULL MOON IN CANCER                                                             FIRST FULL MOON OF THE NEW YEAR

As we say good-by to 2016….and look towards 2017……it is time to think back on how far you have come in the year of 2016…..and where you would like to be at the end of 2017.  The year 2017.…..it isn’t over yet!

2017 continues to carry out the theme of Transformation and Change on all levels. It is also a year to expect and be surprised by the unexpected!  There will also be some Chaos and Urgency….along with the feeling of unsettling uncertainty!  This year also has the ability to enhance a higher connection to our Higher Self and all our Guidance.  Expanding our Psychic and ability to connect with Source as we move towards “Oneness!”    But we are Co-creating the New and realizing that before we can build a firm foundation for the “New”….we have to purge all the things that are no longer needed, move away from the things/people/place’s that are no longer vibrating with us, and bring the “old” down into ashes…..before the Phoenix….the “New”… can rise and be rebuilt!  We need to strongly meditate on this and Co-Create through manifestation’s…. the “New” !


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DECEMBER 13TH 2016 – FULL Super MOON IN GEMINI                                                                                                                              AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very powerful and illuminating Full Super Moon in Gemini!  This is the last of 4 consecutive Super Moons that we have experienced over the last few months!  Super Moons generate greater gravitational and electromagnetic pulls…..on our tides, tectonic plates, the Earth, all its inhabitants, including ourselves…..and our psychic.  Triggering….accelerating shifts in consciousness.  This Gemini Full Super Moon also coincides with the peak of the Geminid meteor shower, making for a beautiful experience of the night sky. 

The energies are still chaotic…and changes seem to be everywhere.   We are in a time of transformation as we continue through the shift.  Remember…..this work isn’t easy and at times it can be uncomfortable.  When it is uncomfortable…..then we know we are doing the work!   So create some powerful intentions and manifest that the changes continue to move us forward with ease, and that out of the chaos comes creativity….to create an evolved existence.

This Full Gemini Moon is about communication and the sharing of knowledge.  The energy is also revolutionary and we are being asked to make choices.  We are at another critical turning point in our evolution.  It is time to move from the fear to the love that always present.


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FULL SUPER MOON IN TAURUS – November 14, 2016                     

AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Full Super Moon in Taurus is quit an amazing Full Moon…as it is the 3rd of 4 Super Moons in a row!   This Full Super Moon is the largest Super Moon seen since 1948….and there will not be another one like this again till 2034!  It is 15 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than any regular Full Moon. This generates greater gravitational and electromagnetic pulls…..on our tides, tectonic plates, the Earth, all its inhabitants, including ourselves…..and our psychic.  Triggering….accelerating shifts in consciousness. With this Super Moon hovering so close to Earth, its effects may be more keenly felt than usual.


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

A Sagittarius Full Moon encourages us to have fun, quest for knowledge and expand our visions.  This is the first of two Sagittarius Full Moons in a row!   When a Zodiac sign has two Full Moons in a row…..it is rare!   It happens only about once every 19 years.  It is almost like the Universe is saying…..we have some rethinking to do with the Sagittarian themes!  This Sagittarius Full Moon is truth seeking and very dynamic. Sagittarius is notorious for putting their foot in their mouth and for leaping before looking!  It also has Mars sitting with this Full Sagittarius Moon. Mars is at its closest approach to Earth in almost 10 years….adding even more energy to this Full Moon. Venus is also sitting with the Gemini Sun! This Full Moon suggests a shift in perspective and a questing for Truth!  Making this a very active…high energy… Full Moon!  


It also encourages us to think deep and focus on our Truth.  This is important as we have been through a lot of activations and down loads over the last months and years.  Leaving us with a feeling of  “the rug being pulled out from under our feet.”  Things seem a little unstable, uneasy, and fluid.  This is also true throughout the world and with the Earth herself.  We are being asked to see and create “our own” big picture and focus on it.  We are being asked to create our new future out of the chaos that is happening around us.  Even though we may not be sure of exactly where we are headed……start moving….and Trust (Sagittarius) in your Guidance.  These changes are happening in all areas of our lives.  All the seeds that have been planted over the last months and years…. are now sprouting….we need to decide which ones to nourish and which ones to let go of.

April 22 2016 - FULL MOON IN SCORPIO - the Mgical and Mysterious depths of our Soul

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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This Scorpio Full Moon is a powerful and emotionally charged one!   Scorpio pulls us in to the Magical and Mysterious depths of our Soul.  Scorpio’s energy is about deep psychological transformation…..through the unconscious (dreams, imagination, and emotions), as we then acknowledge this, and begin to communicate with our consciousness.   Also through our deep desires…. as we learn to let some of those intense desires go.  This Scorpio Full Moon desires peak emotional intensity and experiences…..even if they are hidden (Scorpio).  There is a Sexiness with this Scorpio Full Moon (Venus which rules Taurus is sitting with Uranus in the Cardinal Square).  There is almost a haunting……simmering desire to express one’s emotions on all levels…..be sure to keep the desire’s on the high Spiritual side of Scorpio and trust in the transformations.   Take the Power of this Full Scorpio Moon and face who and what you are ……only then can you make changes. 

This Scorpio Full Moon is also called the Wesak Moon, or the Buddha Moon. Ancient teachings say that the Buddha was born during the Taurus (Sun) Full Moon period. He was born in Lumbini not far from Nepal. Part of the Buddha’s teachings are about, non-attachment, a free mind, unconditional love and the remembrance of your true nature, of your true Value as a Spark of the Divine. The Buddha also talks about COMPASSION & JOY


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