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July 31, 2012  


This is really good news. Because just recently at a recent conference, Dr. Nassin Haramein gave a presentation with others on previously classified Mayan tablets found by the Mexican government. The government has now released some of the information for humanity, concluding that the events depicted in the tablet could either be an event from the past or an event to take place in the future.The information which has been protected for 80 years was expected to reveal the Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as “shocking,” also the information about Mayan contact with extraterrestrials has been awaited, this has now been verified.

Dr Nassin Haramein

I believe this is very important for humanity, not just for Mexico. And considering that this information has been protected for 80 years, and how important it really is for people to understand the series of events that are coming, and the consequences for all of us.” This is what they stated before the announcement to release this new information. (Raul Julia-Levy)

When asked if the release will involve aliens, mystical elements or doomsday scenarios that have fueled the popular imagination, scientist`s declined to elaborate on that point.

“I’m not allowed to speak about that,” he said. “Everything is going to come out in time, but I can’t comment on aliens or on 2012.

“I can just say that the Mexican government is preparing to tell humanity and the world things that are critical for us, for the way we live, for the way we’ve been handling the planet.”  This he said then, now it`s very much verified.

The Latest Mayan Tablet

The tablet shows clearly a planet with some type of habitable atmosphere, several ships, an extraterrestrial being, and more. This could quite possibly be a message from the Mexican government in wake of the Mayan date December 21, 2012. In the tablet one can make out a ship headed toward the planet (Earth) following a comet or massive object as another UFO or ship tries to deflect the object. The UFO is emerging from the sun, this could signify a future change in the sun. What is most interesting is that, these images depict contact with another race of space travelers.

Mayan Stone Tablet

Click to enlarge!

Above: To me it`s clearly a UFO at the bottom of this picture. So either they are trying to describe that they have been here or that they will come here.



This is all very nice and

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This is all very nice and very good.  However it is just another example of keeping information from the people   The reason we want Disclosure is becaue we are sick and tired of all the lies, the theft, the manipulations, to the point of us not even knowing who we are or where we came from   I will say thank you for giving us info we are entitled to.  Iwill ent Light and Love to them  However they are not entitled to any Attaboy's for doing this now.  

Absolutely, well put. Is

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Absolutely, well put.

Is there really anyone that still honestly believes that we are alone in this Universe? It's almost like the whole world will change once the governments admit this blatantly obvious truth, it's such a distraction to how advanced we really should be right's like on a journey of 1000 steps they have managed to keep the whole world focused on not taking that very first step...when in fact we are so far along this journey already...we need to stopped being amazed by this slow, deliberate trickle of controlled information and get on with being "deserving" of contact by living in a world full of love :)

Ever notice how they tell us

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Ever notice how they tell us all kinds of stuff about exoplanets 50 and 60 lightyears away, but they tell us nothing about planets around Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Procyon and Tau Ceti? It's because they are all inhabited.



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This guy really thinks we are all that stupid! Very bad drawings really and in the worst case they are Azztec inspired and have NOTHING to do with any mayan gliph Go research. I did already Our goverment never gave such information This man is lieing.

carbon date?

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A  Carbon Date would be would be a pity to find out this is someones idea of a bad know, Hencho en Mexico...i am all for full disclosure and it would be really nice if Mexico actually contributed something of value to our future instead of just being noted lately for all the border runners. It's about time they step up and help the rest of the world come into the century with full disclosure in its Mayan wisdom instead of dangling yet another un translated piece of art. I am all for a bit of Glory where it is needed. Go Mexico !!! WOW US !!!


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I am not convinced about those tablets, but I just wanted to respon to Mr. Un-Registered above and his statements about Mexico "contributed something of value to our future instead of just being noted lately for all the border runners"...





"Art  hath  an  Enemy  called  Ignorance " 

Reading that quote above...brought these memories and desire to share…

The only way to eliminate your enemy is to eliminate his space to exist.

Since our true common enemy is Ignorance, then it is good to know there is a common thread within us, TLAUIMEKATL, which is Light and Truth that is connected directly to the source of light, the Sun, whom we respectfully recognize and call "father Sun", because he gives light and warmth to all his children alike, like a good father.

In our modern societies we have been raised and educated in ignorance and with ignorance as a guide regarding our own history before the European invasion.   This is not the fault of our  parents but of this colonial, settler-usurper perpetual slave system we have survived for 500+ years; beginning with the fable that Columbus discovered America…how can you discover something that does not exist.  Our roots are pre-America.


I will share just a little of our oral history…Our Story -vs- His-Story…-

August 13, 1521,Year Three House, Day One Serpent, YEI KALLI XIUITL, ZE KOATL TONALLI, was the last day human beings in this Western hemisphere walked on our own land a free people to eat and sleep, wake, walk, love, laugh,  live and let live.  All descendants of the original peoples should know and commemorate this date.

At the time of the enconter our young grandfather, KUAUTEMOK, was the last TLATOANI, spokesperson representative of the Confederation of the Eagle, called ANAUAK in our language Nauatlatolli-harmonious speaking, which extends from NIKAN ANAUAK (Nicaragua) to the top of the earth with its headquarters in MEXIKO TENOCHTITLAN  (present day Mexico City).  From Nikan-Anauak south is the Confederation of the Condor, called TAWANTISUYU in the Kechua-Ayamara language, with its headquarters in Machu Picchu.


Ours is a continental brotherhood, One Continent-One Culture with a multitude of customs and traditions, yet all based on the fundamental principal of the universe- respect and harmony equals peace...easily followed by respecting the four elements of life, ei. the earth, wind, fire and water...and guided by the principals of duality and peace of DEGANAWIDAH and KETZALKOATL,  representing the planter of the Great Tree of Peace and the Precious Twin, respectively.


On August 12, 1521, day 13 Lizard, year 3 House, at the last gathering of the great council UEITLATOKAN TLATELOLKO, the report was drastic with untold millions of death by pestilence, disease and obscene weapons of mass destruction... thousand year old trees uprooted, burnt and destroyed, women, children and elders beheaded and gutted and fed to the dogs...

"..., grandfathers, we cannot fight with this man, he does not fight like a man...he destroys everything, women, children, no life is sacred to him, those ancestor trees that we have been depending on and caring for for thousands of years have been cut and burnt...if we continue everything will be destroyed"           ...KUAUTEMOK


On that date, ZE KOATL, August 13, 1521, our young grandfather, KUAUTEMOK was sent by the council of elders to hand over the arms to the invaders in an effort to stop the genocide taking place and begin the rebuilding of our people and Confederation.

KUAUTEMOK left us a message telling us that one day our Sun would shine on us again, and to hide everything we loved in our hearts until that day...when the mother earth would return to us our memory-TEZKALTIPOKA, our knowledge and wisdom-KETZALKOATL and our will-UITZILOPOCHTLI, and the Sun would look down and see it dignified to return.


When KUAUTEMOK was captured and brought face to face with the invader he took his knife away from him and returned it to him saying "Kill me now, my work is done.", having handed over the arms. The European invader responded "I don't want to kill you, we all know that you hold the secrets to the treasure of these lands...give us the treasure and I will let you and your family go".


Our young grandfather responded "what treasures do you want, want me to teach you how to talk to the Sun who is our father, or to the Earth who is our mother...or to your own heart?"


The invader was thrown aback astonished and replied "NO!, we have a disease of the soul that can only be cured with gold!".


Our young grandfather responds "that is regrettable as we have a treasure more precious than that metal the Sun sweats that has you crazy, but YOU ARE NOT READY TO BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND!" KUAUTEMOK was in his early 20s...


At the time of the invasion and massacre of the TAWANTINSUYU, the Confederation of the Condor, its INKA, spokesperson representative was a twenty year old ATAUALPA, who was brutally murdered after being taken hostage and demanding a ransom, even though his ransom paid… and so began His-Story down South.


So, my brother, as you can see, ignorance of our true origins and the origins of life itself makes and keeps us blind to our future, our family and our birth rights, in short, our inheritance.


In 500+ years we have never been as close to our culture and roots as we are today, that all over our continents our traditions and customs are being remembered, recalled and practiced again...our songs, our drums, our ceremonies, our smoke and our medicines are all being witnessed and heard and sought after throughout this western hemisphere... Our children are having children being born with original names that reflects one's cosmic identity and sacred responsibility...not just jack or jill… but jack yei zipaktli, 3 crocodile…


...Yes, in 500+ years we have never been so close to our roots as we are today... However, at the same 500+ years we have never been in more danger than we are right danger of the annihilation and extinction of not only our culture but of our very lives and the life of all a result of this disease of the soul that can only be cured with gold.


...Just like on august 13, 1521, when the headquarters of the Confederation of the Eagle was invaded and being destroyed and its inhabitants were being systematically rounded up and imprisoned or killed...well it has not ended. Right now, as you read this letter, this government through it's inhuman 18th century  immigration laws, policies and practices is hunting down the descendants of the original peoples and tearing them from their families and lives and imprisoning them in concentration camps without due process violating all civil and human rights... and deporting them to an uncertain and unsafe future...and in Mexico that government through its war on drugs (aided and abetted by this gov.)is responsible for 10s of thousands of killings.


While everybody stands aside and watches and conducts life as usual...true... Not true...but life for the past 500 years … We sing and dance and do ceremony while this goes on…because most everyone now thinks like the invaders thought…these are just “indians, illegals, undocumented, mexican”.  Is it only the beginning, are they coming after you next?


They are stoking and playing on the racism and ignorance of the people and keeping them all separated “...but just give them their ice cream or the ipod and they will ignore everything else and say and believe that if others don't enjoy ipods or ice cream it is their own damn fault”.


Now, the descendants of the invaders appear to be just as ignorant and continue believing and teaching the lies fed by the likes of the smel gibsons who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that ignorance and racism are married and in the same bed, and they still believe in their superiority and privileges…as they bring us closer to the apocalypto.  


All this is possible only because of the ignorance that separates us into different peoples using colonial labels to identify and quantify us...% native, % american, % indians... %%%%%%... negating our ancient and autochthonous identities which tie us to our roots...

Remember, we come from the ancient and it does not matter that our blood might be mixed.  Of the other blood we have always known, they have always shown us, but why have they kept us orphans to that one drop of blood in our veins that reverberates and ties us to this land and to the true descendants and caretakers of this land...that can proportion for us our own face and a strong heart.


Of all our traditions the one that has most lacked attention is the calendar count...we have not kept the count as a people.  The count documents the movement of our lives on the earth in relation to the cosmos and without this information it is impossible to recall or reclaim our relationship with nature at the rhythm of the cosmos. Further, without the count and the knowledge of our place in it we will not attain our cosmic identity which will in turn keep us blind to our responsibility...for without identity there is no sacred responsibility.


All of our nations kept their calendar and their count as it related to their natural environment, from tip to tip of our lands the knowledge and the practice of man’s ultimate respect for time and space was being recorded and perfected as no where else in the world, as is evident by many ancient artifacts and observatories like the ceremonial site of Xochikalko .  At Xochikalko, the house of flourishing thoughts, in the mexican state of Morelos, there is a continental gathering of calendar keepers engraved around the temple of Ketzalkoatl that took place before the year 800 ce.  In the center of the great Ketzalkoatl there is the union of the Maya and Mexikatl counts tied by a rope…indicating one …one culture…one count.


The careful observations and patient studies of thousands of years, by thousands of people, over thousands of miles came to culminate in what is known today as the Aztek Calendar, whose true name is Tonalmachiotl, the pattern of the Sun, andis in the National Museum of Anthropology and History.  This calendar system, which is the same as the Maya calendar system, is recognized by modern science as the most precise system ever invented by mankind.


Our ancestors were not crazy religious fanatics nor were they racist, and when they developed this reading of the natural system in nature, they were recording the cycles of evolution and development of the human being in the maternal womb, and from his birth until his return to nature… So, my brother, contrary to popular belief, this is not an aztek thing, nor a mexican thing, nor an indian thing…rather it is a human thing and a guide to harmonious and peaceful co-existence.


It’s a celebration of the relationship of man with nature at the rhythm of the cosmos…so humans can learn to live in harmony with everything and everybody that surrounds them …and teach their children to live permanently just and happy… remebering that happiness comes from making others happy and justice comes when there is justice for all.


Please check my website for daily tracking of the days of the Sun:





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Beautifully said...

Carbon dating can only tell

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Carbon dating can only tell the age of organic matter.  Only in Timecop can you "carbon date" metal, lol.

About one year ago, I

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About one year ago, I experienced a vision of this same event. To this day, I still don't know exactly what happened in those few seconds as I saw the story unfold. I do not know exactly what I am supposed to do with this information yet today I write it down. Yes, a 'ship headed toward the planet (Earth) following a comet or massive object as another UFO or ship tries to deflect the object' and I recall an explosion, however I am unable to be certain if it was the Sun or the Earth exploding. Reading this article makes me feel that things are destined to take place in the coming future. Not only because of what has been documented but due to my personal experience of a vision I had no control over or desire to experience. Of course, we are all educated and aware of the countless prophecies and ancient civilisations which share this knowledge. The point is, we all know something is going to happen. The Earth is changing. We are changing. Yet, see it as a new beginning. For fear is an illusion.