The meaning to life.

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The meaning to life.

For some reason, which I still don't know why. I will just trust in our father and have faith. He gave me the meaning to life. He didn't speak to me in words, he embedded it in my heart over a long period of trials and tribulations. So hear it is simple without confusion and pure truth....... God said he made us in his image. Try and imagine being in his shoes. If you were out there all by yourself what would you truly desire. To enjoy everything by yourself. No god wanted friends, family. But here's the simplicity of it. God is a realist. He wants real family. By that I mean he didn't just want to create a loved one. That would be like us creating a robot. Would you want to spend an eternity with a robot or would you rather spend it with a REAL loved one. Like I said god is a realist. He wants loved ones who can say YES I know what a broken arm feels like , YES I know what love is,YES I know what death is, YES YES YES ECT. ....... GOD does not want loved ones that can only say I THINK I know what love is ,I THINK I know what death is ,I THINK I THINK I THINK ECT. ...... Teats not real. The only reason were here is to become real. The more we go through good or bad, the more real we become. In the bible it says God knows good and evil perfectly. He gave us a Starting point in numbers. The purist of evil is 666. So that would make the purist of good 1. So if God knows good and evil perfectly that is right in the middle " 333". The number 3 is also one of the holiest numbers in the bible. It represents GOD THE FATHER ,GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. 333 ALSO represents pie in math its infinite. So remember that number 333 that is Gods number. Now what im going to say next alot of you will not want to believe. .......There is know hell. Think about it. If you are a parent and this is only an analogy , and your child did the most horrible thing possible.for example went down the more evil side and murdered many people. Would you as a parent condemn your child to an eternity of pain and suffering and torment. Or would you eventually forgive your child. You would forgive. Just as Jesus Christ died on the cross. Its all about forgiving. GOD our father, and yes we are all his children , would not condemn us to an eternity of pain and suffering. The bible is a guide for all of us.God does prefer us to follow a more peaceful or good path.And the bible keeps us on track. B.I.B.L.E.= basic instructions before leaving earth. SO live your life and prefurably try to be on the good side, and remember good or bad we are here to become real. Real for our father.
Michael Perry

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Blessings Michael.

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