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Meditation techniques


     I must admit I dont meditate as much as I should, I have been told my techniques are quite advanced even though im quite a novice, I would like to share it never the less.


1/ Sit in a comfortable position with arms, legs relaxed and back supported.


2/ Close your eyes and focus on your breathing... in through your nose.... out through your mouth...


3/ Find your rythem... in...out...


4/ Keep it consistant and paced like clockwork.


5/ The first half a dozen breaths are forced, meaning you breath in untill you cant get any more breath, hold it as if you are pushing to go to the toilet (A number 2), "this expands your lungs opening them up fully"...., then release it out of your mouth, imagine your breath like a water fall flowing over your toungue and over your bottom lip, running down your chin onto your lap below, breath out untill you cant breath out anymore, push all the air out untill you have extinguished every ounce of breath..., hold it...., then breath in as if you are drawing the water back up your chest and into your mouth, feel it rush over your bottom lip and down your throat..., then repeat the process.


6/ After several breaths you will feel you have built up a rythem and now for the complicated part.


7/ Your breathing is automatic now, flowing in.... and a river, now is time to concentrate on your heart beat, listen to your heart beat, feel each beat, you nolonger concentrate on your breathing as your mind has taken over, feel each beat in your mind, when you have each beat correct, imagin it beats just a fraction of a second slower..., after a few seconds your heart beat will slow, breath in..., breath out..., water flows in..., water flows out.


I found I could slow my heart rate below 30 beats per minute or maybe that was my perception of time?, but this method worked for me, I have never read about any methods of meditation, this just came to me and left me completely relaxed and refreshed, if anyone else tries it, please let me know how you got on and also if this technique is a recognised technique?, Peace, Love and light.

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I don't close my eyes, or do

I don't close my eyes, or do anything to shut out the physical senses. The most useful meditation is one that we learn to integrate into all aspects of our lives.


While people have various reason for meditating, meditation is really just a way to calm the mind. When we bring that meditative state into situations that would normally excite the mind, we really begin to create Peace in our lives. I don't really think there's a "right" technique to meditation other than being Conscious and Aware. Focus upon what you're feeling, and don't feed into the thoughts in your mind, but don't resist them either. Simply be Aware of them, and let them go.

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