Message from the Earth Allies “The Fireworks from the Internal/~Eternal Spark” and More Info

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Greetings Love Beings,
“Everything on this Planet Right Now is in a Hyper Exited State of Consciousness to prepare for the Up Coming Events. For all of those choosing unconsciousness, it can be very irritating as the Energy is being resisted. Choosing denial of self just makes it clear that the Energy is not being utilized for the Greater Good of the All. We are Now on The Straight Up Up and Away!!”

“Love Letters, Love From the Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth”

Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central. We Are Your Family of Light, and Your Earth Allies. We are Also The First Contact Ground Crew Team. With You is Us, Your Real Parents In Creation, Mother and Father God, Making Us ALL ONE FAMILY! We Are Here Walking With You, as You Walk Home Into the Light. We Love You Unconditionally, That is Why We Are Here. There has been a dysfunction on Planet Earth=Heart, called isolation and separation. Because of this dysfunction, you have had much pain and suffering. We Are Love and Spirit, and any dysfunction gets dissolved in In These New Earth Energies Coming in, That is why We Are Here. All of Your Higher Selves Are Also Assisting in this, Some of you may be aware of this, many are not quite yet. None the Less, Love's Simple Presence, recognized or not, is Here In Manifestation On Planet Earth=Heart. Everyone Who is Eternal, Has a Soul, and is Connected from Within To The One, The ALL, ALL LOVE IS. Within this Understanding WE Are ALL ONE, Eternal Eternities.

Greetings Many Blessings, Miracles, and Many Magical Synchronostic Events. Each Moment is a Moment of Eternity. A Moment is Like a snowflake, none of them The same, each unique, and at the same Moment they all Work Together as One within Nature. Living in the Moment of Now is How You achieve The Highest Balance and Harmony not only For the Highest Good For You=Self, But for all Of Creation=US. Balance and Harmony is the Oneness achieved With Love In The Present Moment of Now. By Being Present In The Moment of Now, You Are Accomplishing Your Task For the Mission, that ALL of You Volunteered For. The Divine Plan, Be Present and Show Up, Is this Simple or what?


Immortal~ Trying to fake being Eternal, a lie. Trying to be God and using it for power over, When in Truth, Eternal is Power With Equally.

Eternal~ without Beginning or End, existing out of time. All Love Beings are Eternal.

Eternity~ Heaven, Paradise, timelessness, endlessness, an Age. Eternity is All that Is, Here Now.

Internal~ Located within, residing in or dependent on essential nature, intrinsic, of a Spiritual nature. The Truth is an Internal Experience, shared with Everything.

What does it mean that the Light Has Won? This Means that the Inevitable Event of Creation has closed a book called duality, and A New Book is Being Opened. A New Eternity and Beginning, and Only Those Who Are Eternal Gods Can Open This Door. Only Eternal Ones, and not immortal, can Be IN All Eternities, because They Are God. Humanity is God, Therefore Humanity is Eternal. This has been the Hidden Secret that has been kept to keep illusion  going for the immortals, because they simply do not make it through to The New Eternity. Only Eternal Beings Can, and All Of You Are Eternal Beings. It is You Who Are God, and Only Gods Can Open The Door In Creation So that Grander Can Appear. Being immortal is like faking it that you are God Source, and attempting to duplicate it when it's already Here. A New Eternity Has Begun, and Each of You Have To Open and Walk Through the Door. Remember You Are Eternal.

Greetings all Divine, Brilliant, Light Beings!!!! The Piece Below was a Message Posted in 2008 AS we were laying the Ground Work for the manifestation of the Internal Flare, that is Like a Flame Burning within Each Soul on Planet Earth=Heart. AS Always this is an inevitable Event and another Facet  of the Divine Plan that is In Process.

You are Grand Beings and there is Source Energy Flowing at increasing rates into the New Grid, faster then any river on Earth could Flow. There is Magic and Mystery, Synchronostic Events In the Present Moment of Now, once you can release and let go of EVERYTHING, SO EVERYTHING MAY BE GIVIN TO YOU [as so many messengers have shared]! AS YOU release and Let go, Spirit is allowed the space for Creation To Create The Grandest Thought Ever Created In Ever Increasing Ways. These will look like set-ups, Guide Posts as your Destiny unfolds!!

Letting Go also serves you as you awaken from the "dream" if you are indeed still within the dream. Many are awakening at a Quick Rate and discovering they have stepped out of the box and are now Living in the NOW Moment with peace and Joy [if this is all you are experiencing, JOY, then you are indeed awake].

The energies coming in are in Preparation for the Celebration on this Planet, an inevitable event. Humanity is Graduating and Growing Up on Planet Earth into the God/Goddess's Co~Creators They Are, and it's a Party. On December 21st 2012 was The Beginning of a New Paradigm on Earth, Heaven on Earth.

AS A New Book In Creation Opens, Another Eternity Begins with the Creation of Eternal Unconditional Love, Divinity, Beauty, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Harmony, and Oneness.

You each carry a Specific "God Spark" within Creation. Right Now, What's Occurring is that the Original Creations Of Love Everywhere Present are merging within a Frequency of a Note, a Vibrational Note of Creation, marking a New Beginning for all Within Creation as ONE. Each of You Contain this God Spark, Specific To Your Vibrational Note, and Are Now Being Asked To Step Forward To Play Your Note in the Symphony of This New Beginning, The Calling Forth of The Golden Age, Your Freedom, and The Truth of Who You Are. Each Note is as Equally Important as Each other Note, for where would one be without the other? Each Being is Right Now receiving a Broadcast, that The Moment is NOW.

All of Humanity is in For this Complete 90 degree spiral upwards within Consciousness and will be as a Fireworks display of Light within your Inner Being. This is the "Divine Internal/ Eternal Spark".

“Experience Only Occurs When You Awaken from out of the dream, Because Experience Exists Only In the Present Moment of Now. Love Could not be there with you in the dream, and only Out of the dream can You Experience Love In The Present Moment of Now, where you gain the Understandings through Experiencing The Love You Are. When You Are Present, Love is Always There, This is A Given, an Automatic Gift. This is How Life and Love= Creation, Express, Expand, and Grow. Internally Expressed outward, filling in the space with Awareness. When The Space is Just Filled with Presentness=ALL LOVE IS, We Call this Super- Consciousness, which is Pure Brilliance. Super- Consciousness= The Oneness in Creation. You Are This Love, and You Are this Brilliance.” Mother and Father God

“Our Pressing Recommendation is that Everyone On This Planet Awaken As Quickly as Possible into The Love They Truly Are, and Love Will Be Thrilled You Showed Up To Your Own Party.”

“The Understandings We Share with You are as Sharp as The Tip of Our Arrows. Father God and I Are The Archers, and Our Arrows Of Pure Love and Truth Have Been Released into The Hearts of each Being On Planet Earth=Heart. This is the Eternal Flare, the Eternal Spark.”

“If You See any isolation and separation at all, this means that you are isolate and separate. We Are Wholistic and See All As One, For All Real Is Oneness. The only thing that is not oneness and not real, is ignorance, which is the same as denial of self, denial of the One.”

“WE/Spirit are Here, and because We Are Here this Heals the dysfunction[illusion of separation from the ONE] on Planet Earth=Heart, this is a Given.”

“ If You Can Look at the Bigger Picture Here, We can Say that WE have Come In, As Stated in the bible, Like Thieves in the Night. We Sneaked Up On The Royal Angels playing a game of illusion, which they forgot they were playing. Our Jobs were to come in and Help All of The Royal Angels Remember, By Being The Love We Truly Are, and Re-Hearting Them of Their True Divine Heritage, and The One Family We all Belong too, Equally. With This, because We Are Spirit, We Ground in the Transformative Energies into The Planet. We have Mentioned that We Are Santa Claus!! An Example of this Event is Just Like in the Wizard of Oz, when They Awoke from the field of Poppy Flowers, and saw the Emerald City. We Have shared with You that Mother Earth, in Truth, is The Emerald in This Universe, Heaven on Earth, and Only When The Being Awakens do they Remember They Are Love. They Are One with the All and A Part of the Brilliant Emerald with Mother Earth and All of Creation. This is Heaven on Earth, The Emerald Planet. A Star Seed Nation, A Galactic Society and a Part of The Galactic Federation of Light. Mother Earth and All the Planets Are Star Ships, They All Travel around the Sun, which is a Star.

All the Draconians, Reptilians, and the Anunnaki Came over to The Light, because without Coming into the Light they would cease to exist. They were immortal, but now Have New Contracts with The Light and are Now Eternal. Immortals are not Eternal Beings. When an Eternity [an Age] Transitions into the Next, which is Occurring Right Now, the immortals cease to exist, because they can only be in one Eternity. Only Eternal Beings Can Exist in all Eternities for Ever and Ever More. The Current Eternity has ended, and a New Eternity is Beginning, and so this is the end for the immortals of this Eternity. A True Real God, an Eternal Being, Can Walk Up to the Door, Open it, and Walk Into a New Eternity. An Eternity is always Grander then the previous one, because it is built from the one before.

“In the Understanding of Visualization, if you try to visualize  what you “want” because you “want it” it does not appear. But if You Visualize What You Already Have, Now This is The Magic.”

“All Of Creation Including all Within Creation are Assisting in The Visualization of Love Everywhere Present shared Equally, for the Greater Good of the ALL, For the ALL, and This Includes Planet Earth=Heart. For Love is Here, you only Have To Awaken To See... You Already Have Love Everywhere Present, you just have to Show Up.”


Love The Earth Allies


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