~ Message from The Earth Allies~ Happy Equinox

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 Welcome to your Transformation~Transmissions and Quotes~ With Love From the Earth Allies

~Sin is missing God, Love is Finding God~



~ Great Ones and all Humanity are IN Truth Great Ones, and All Great Ones Are Equal to The All. The All Is Equal To Everything, The All is Great So are The Ones which make this realm up. YEAH For Creation. ..BY The WAY... The Energies have been released for the Full Abundance to Unfold!! ~


~The Divine Destiny of Love is Oneness. The Divine Destiny of God is Love. Oneness is the Experience of True Destiny~


~God does not have to walk on water, Cause God is The Water~


~The Divine has a far Greater Destiny then illusion~


~We have come together is Oneness, to share The ALL We Are With ALL There IS, thats Family, God's Family. If You Miss it, We will send you a postcard~


~ When The Divine Speaks what does that sound like? Can you hear?

Now Listen~ See We are interdimensional Beings extroverted. We have seen what is inside and it is everywhere, lets go fill up everything We see with all We are. Love looked at the Unknowable and said Yes they are Right there In There~


~ Its Nice to see the Planet shimmer again, it was looking a little dull When We first got here~



~God Created God so God could Be God. Out of God Love Creates. Its a Brilliant Oneness Within The ALL~


~The Stairway to Heaven is Simply Being Present. Take one step be Present remember and you got it, its a nice walk home! ~




~Once You arrive in 5D Reality, Love is Everywhere Present, the energy is not dense, because Creation is made of Light. You are Then Clear of all density, and You Are Free! ~


~Ignorance told us Love could not come into this Realm. Love came Anyway. WE are This Love and We are Here to Give All Love Away. Love does not care what color your skin is, or what your Body Hologram Looks Like. All of Humanity is Just Energy. Atoms of Energy. Your body hologram is a Temporary Housing For Your Angel Souls, right now your inner Flames are burning through the Soul Housing, Welcome To Your Transformation.


 ~The energy that the darkness has held for 13, 000 years is Being Released to US, so that The Energy can be used for Humanity's Ascension Home Into The Light. It is Like putting an arrow in a bow and then drawing the bow, how long are you going to sit back and hold the arrow back before You let go of the arrow. You See, Father God and I have let go of our arrows ~ Love Mom and Dad PS, Don't Forget to Party~


~ AS a result 3d completely is dissolving and all the Energy that was contained there in is to be released into The Now. The Now who are Aware will be blessed by even more by this Energy~


End Transmission With Love Everywhere Present

~Your heart is free,
Have the courage to follow it.~~~Taken from Braveheart

Love The Earth Allies