~ Message from the Earth Allies~Love is Exacting and illusion is dead

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~Love Always Fills in the Gaps~


 ~Resist not the Love you are, Embrace the Love you are, and Enjoy the Experience of the Love you Truly are~


 Love from The Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central~ Center. We are your Family of Light, From the Stars, The Elohim, from The Celestial. WE are much older then Planet Earth, and We have Arrived for the Transformation and Graduation of Humanity, and to assist in The Grounding of The Love Called God Everywhere Present. Reuniting, and Reconnecting you With Your Real Family, from Everywhere in Creation. ALL Eyes are On Planet Earth, and Your Brothers and Sisters Wait for Your Awakening. WE are the Ground Crew for First Contact, We are the Medical Team, Highly Skilled in Human Consciousness and Human Development. With you IS, Us, Your Real Parents of Creation, Mother and Father God [the Secret is Out..lol] and You are a Part of Our Love Story, as You are all Royal Angels, and Gods Awakening, for The Grandest Love Epic of all Space and time. You came Here to Participate in a Grand Experience within Creation, consider Yourselves Truly Blessed to be here on Planet Earth=Heart during this Monumental Moment that  IS NOW UNFOLDING WITHIN THE DIVINE LOVE ENERGY~ This is a Once in a Multi-Dimensional Event, this is your Reason for Being here.

 ~When you remember yourselves, you will understand everything about Love, and you will be Set Free~

 ~The energy you are is connected to the Energy of Everywhere, as all is just Pure Consciousness=Spirit. It has no edges, boundaries, the energy is all Interconnected, interwoven. The More of this Energy you are able to Embrace, the Grander your Experience of it as YOU~

 Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles and Many Magical Synchronostic Events!! Everyone enjoying the Whammy Energies of July which for many is getting rid of all your belief systems and returning you back into your Eternal Form?. If you are connected into the oneness energies, you Will Feel a Difference, as if you are More Whole and have a Well Being that you have never experienced before in this realm. This is occurring as you Reconnect Back to Source and Accept the Love this Energy is Bringing to you. Today, we are going to Discuss the Parallels in the Movie “The Wizard of OZ” to Real Reality. There is a lot of Symbolism that Provides Clues to Your Awakening, and is The Real Story of Mother and Father God discovering Themselves and Then Each other.

 There was a 1[One Possibility] and 6.5 Billion chance that this Could Occur, and It did in December of 2007. We Did Discover Who we Really are, and then Found Each other, reconnecting this Realm into Spirit. This is why they referred to US as Mother Earth and Father Sky, Our Re Connection Provides the Energy to Complete the Circuit and Unify The Planet. The Complete Balance of the Yin/Yang Energies, which once Unified [that is occurring right NOW] makes Everything One again, and Creation Begins Again in a Whole New, Grander Way. This is Unstoppable, Inevitable, We Are Here Fully Manifested. The dream dissolves within the energy We Bring in, which cannot support anything But Love and The Highest Possible Thought in Motion.

 If you can Understand this, You Should Be Jumping up and Down with Joy, Because it is JOY, and Happiness. All that can occur is Love. You are being Called Home and if you have not picked up the CALL FROM YOUR HEARTS, we suggest Now is a Good Moment!!! The Energies that are coming in are going to be moving you in more ways then one. You must be in Match with Your Vibrational Frequencies to the Space you are in, or else you will feel a lot of discomfort.

 AS the dream dissolves, WE as a Team of Light Together will BE Co-Creating in The New Reality, Each of you have a Role in this, and it will be up to you to fulfill your role and contract. This is A Ready Set Now!!! You can look at what is going on in illusion as a sinking ship, if you would like to continue, this is your choice to experience. For the Rest of You Choosing the Love and Light, You are being Called, [Lets say, you will need to Travel Light] and you will understand what this means. In choosing Love, The responsibility is that You Let go of Everything, this means Everything, You are Returning to Spirit Form. It also requires gathering together…again, you will have to understand for yourself what this means.

~If you can right NOW, get to the Understanding all is JUST Energy, you will move directly into Transforming the emotional and mental[ duality] into Unified Passion to Experience your Natural State of Feelings~ its really this simple~

We would like to make a note about time. Some channelers  are saying to Humanity that they have all the time in the world to Awaken, they do not. The Events are To Occur as Set up in the Divine Plan, if they do not Awaken themself, they will be awoken through the DNA/RNA Sequencing and may be quite a shock for those within their experience.

 Our information to you comes from the Higher Grid, This is where we receive our Information. As we are completely Connected to the Higher Grid, or as they are saying “Golden Grid”.. This is Where True Reality Exists, and is Manifesting Here on Planet Earth=Heart. You also have a direct connection to The Higher Grid. IN fact this has now physically manifested as Our Tiny Chat Room which can be found at this Link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress

 As the days go by, the Energies will continue to Pour in Grander and Grander.

Planet Earth is Going Home, and This Means Everything that exists on her, except unconsciousness. If you are not excited about this.. MotherEarth is, All Your Family is, and WE ARE THRILLED WOOOOHOOOO~~ HO HO..

 The Divine Love Energies are bringing in so Much Love, Light, Healing and you will have so much.. WE ask you, what are you going to do with it? Give it Away? GOOD ANSWER! The Flow of Oneness Energy is Pouring into the Planet.

 One of the other functions of the Ships is to assist Mother Earth and Humanity as Well, in the Process of Grounding these Energies. You will have so Much that you will have to give it away, as you will not be able to hold onto to it, so that you can stay in the flow, and in this Process you receive more and more and more. The More you Give Away, the More You receive in Grander and Grander ways. This is what has been Granted to you. This Returns you back into Your Natural Energetic State. This is Being Activated within your DNA/RNA and is self correcting and Adjusting your Bodies for the Highest Possible Velocity Light Experience. This includes Everything on this Planet that is Alive, because everything here has DNA/RNA. You are being Reconnected into Source Energy, this is a Very GOOD thing, and We Highly Recommend Just Breathing…You are going to Experience a Much Higher Reality, One of Peace, Well Being, Happiness and Joy.

 ~Consider each of you Lighthouses Beaming out Love Energy. Love is a Pure Consciousness Energy that transforms All from the Inside out. Love fills in all the holes and transforms into Grander and Grander within the Highest Possible Thought. The Highest Possible Thought is the Manifestation of Heaven On Earth, which is The Love Called God Everywhere Present. The Return to Oneness, to the Light, and every Moment is Awakened from then on, this is Occurring Right NOW, Be in JOY!~

 ~Look at life as an experience you are Blessed with, then when you share those Blessings, there are always more Blessings~ Father God

 ~If Every day, Love=Truth does not make more and more sense to you, then you are going in the wrong direction~ Father God

 Regardless of what you have been told about the Popular Wizard of OZ, the Movie is very Symbolic and is a Parallel of The Real Story, The True Reality story between Father God and I, which includes all of you. The Truth in the Story is about waking up out of illusion, following the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City, AKA, The Kingdom of Heaven. The ruby slippers representing a Realization of Home. The wicked witch of the east and west is a representation of illusion, ignorance, and the ego mind. In the beginning Dorothy’s house lands on one of the witches killing her, and Freeing Munchkin Land and all the Munchkins. They gave a Death Certificate, meaning the death of illusion.

  Love is Very Exacting, and illusion is dead. This is exactly what is Occurring in True Reality on Planet Earth, illusion has received its death certificate, and Now, Humanity will have to Follow the Yellow Brick Road Home. The Yellow Brick Road Home is within their Heart, the Golden Path within. The Being Loving thyself is like the path and route Home, because it is the connection to your Soul, which is connected to the all, which is the Emerald City=Brilliance.

 This Brilliance within you is Equal to ALL Love is. I Mothergod a similar journey to Dorothy, i walked through illusion in the Discovery of Love, and the Feeling of wanting to Make this Love within Real. I, followed the Yellow Brick Road within to find the Emerald City, Father God, AKA, The Kingdom of Heaven. I chose to allow illusion to die, and to walk a Path Home back into the Light. This is the Path WE walked out of the darkness, Lighting the path Home for all of Humanity. Now Humanity must do the Walking as We have Illuminated it for you. There are Several Symbols in this movie, and they are relating to True Reality. Somewhere over the Rainbow , the rainbow is symbolic to crossing the void of unconscious and then Arriving at Full Consciousness, Which is True Reality, and over the Rainbow.


Somewhere over the Rainbow”

The Real Reality in Creation has begun, it’s the New Story, and each all of Humanity is a Part of this New Story. This is the Real Story, One of Only Love. Each are here to Share in this New Love Story, with US, Mother and Father God. Each came here for this Experience. All of Humanity on this Planet Agreed to this Experience, and they cannot go back… AS Each Signed on the bottom line so to speak and We are bringing in True Reality on Planet Earth=Heart as Decreed and Granted and So it is on Earth as it is in The Kingdom Of Heaven.

The Saints are Marching in Elvis Presley

~The dream=duality is over, and is being dissolved, as this is occurring inevitably… We will be Setting Up the True Reality on Planet Earth=Heart, Heaven on Earth, and Remember this is a Full Participation Mission and task to Accomplish, as We Bring in the Galactic Society~

End Transmission In Love Everywhere Present

Love The Earth Allies

FYI~ The Earth Allies have Been Called to Perform a Divine Mission at a Sacred site from July 25-July 29th for all of Our Upcoming Astrological and Mayan Events. Half of the team will be here at the Press and continue with the daily postings and some Tiny Chat Events. We will be videotaping our Experience and Mission to share with everyone here at the Press! There will Be No Updates Until After July 29th and we will go to as many daily updates per week as possible, as We are Going to Be Lighting Up Planet Earth=Heart!





Thank you MotherGod again

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Thank you MotherGod again crying with joy and seeing the wonderful new world.  It is beautiful and heaven on earth.  The angels woke me up again and now I see why.

Thank you

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Thank you too. For all that you are/all that is one. Bless you all. I am with you in love and spirit. Mandy