Message from the Pleiadians 9/13/11

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Some letting go is necessary. We have come such a long way, but it is now time to take the next big step. It may seem all is done and that all that awaits is the final ushering in of all that has been promised, but I tell you, further work must be accomplished. Releasing all fears is a huge step towards the final utopia, and this must be done by the masses before events can take place. Your 911 memorial ceremonies were another reminder of the fears that lay dormant within many of you that could be resurrected at any moment. The dark masters know this quite well, and plan to use the renewed fears of another terror attack to further delay your new world. Do not fear, all attempts by the cabal to disrupt the final stages of disclosure, first contact, and then finally ascension will fail as have all of their desperate plans that they have attempted to hatch as of late. We, the Galactic Federation of Light forces, are here in your atmospheres and we are present in great numbers on the ground in the form of our incarnate Lightworkers. Our strength is great, our resolve is absolute, and we will not be stopped. Events are now set to commence. Time is running oh so short. Prepare yourselves and many others within your sphere of influence for the cavalcade of once thought impossible or improbable events to now take place. We promised you fireworks, and it is fireworks you shall see in the very near future. Events will transpire rapidly and one after another in rapid succession. Our plans are mapped out to the minutest detail, and we are quite qualified through our experience to carry out all assignments to the letter. You and your future are in very capable hands. We love you all very much, you are our brothers and sisters from long ago. We would never do anything to cause harm to you, and will make every attempt to ease your transition into your new world of love and light as best as we can. We have longed to walk amongst you once again as we had long ago. The time is now present to make our move. Prepare, ground yourselves, and expect great things. The show is about to begin, you have a seat in the front row. The curtain is set to rise on one of the greatest performances ever to grace a stage anywhere in this universe.

We are your Star Family. We will be with you again shortly.