Message from the Pleiadians 9/20/11

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You are about to witness events once thought only made for motion pictures. Hollywood could not invent such a compelling story, true in its sincere portrayals of the two competing (yet on another level collaborating), sides in this battle of good versus evil, or dark versus light. In this epic saga, the light will triumph, and all that is good, and all that is love, and all that is light, justice, fairness, which holds integrity & harmonious balance will prevail to shine on your new day and your new way that you will experience God’s most grand theater. Along your journey you have met friends, foes, challenges, triumphs, failures, love, loss, good times and hard times. You danced in lighted ball rooms, you fought on darkened battlefields, you helped and inspired others, and you were picked up when you were downtrodden. All according to your needs, wants, ambitions, and higher calling to mold your wings to one day soar from this reality into a new golden dream that will cater to your hearts most inspired desires to add to God’s incredible creation. All the tools you will ever need or wish for will be at your disposal to add your own colors, your own splash, and your own original vibration to the already gorgeous canvas that is the multi dimensional universes.  Seek out what it is you love, what it is your heart desires, for it is just this that you shall have very soon, my dears. Just as a child gazes through the glass enclosures of a candy shop display, so too shall you be offered such mouth watering choices for your sweet tooth for excitement and adventure. If it is travel that vibrates your heartstrings, to the ends of this and other universes you shall journey. If it is a dance with beings from all across the universe who jump in rhythm to a beat of love and light, it is this beat that shall fill your ears so very soon. The time is upon you, the orchestra is tuning up for the overture to your symphony. Be brave, be joyful, help others understand and assimilate the changes that are many and that can be quite radical to some. It is your task to help ease your world into the new paradigm. You have trained for this mission throughout many lifetimes, it is now time for you to take center stage and do what it is you do best. There will be many who fall under fears powerful spell, and this is an area many of you have trained long and hard to become specialists in; recognizing, responding, transmuting, and shielding as many needing souls within your sphere of influence. The ‘wounded’ will come to you. Infuse them with your light. You are an expert at lightwork. You are a master universal Lightworker. That is why you are here. You have been able to ascertain and understand the events that are about to unfold, events that to many others around you will be mind blowing. Ease their pain, their suffering of this fear. There is nothing to fear. All is, and will be according to the decree of the creator, as carried out to the letter in love and light by the spiritual hierarchies and the Ascended Masters who comprise the Galactic Federation fleets. Your well being is our highest priority. Your ascension into a higher state of existence is our final goal of many and sometimes quite involved tasks. We are highly qualified in every area of this grand endeavor and we will succeed. We have trained extensively to be of service in these times. It is now time for us, all of us, to complete our tasks and return your planet to the utopia it once was. Enjoy this spectacular ride.

We are your Star family.

As channeled through Greg Giles