Message from Yeshua ~ Be The Divine That You Are ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~4.8.12

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Message from Yeshua ~ Be The Divine That You Are ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~4.8.12


Greetings beloveds. I come before you on the eve of this glorious day, to all those celebrating this day, a time of renewal, but mostly of acknowledging your Divine Self. This has been a day of rejoicing, in preparation of greater things to come. Love abounds. The significance of today is not just of resurrection of one being, but of a new beginning for all.


Take a moment now to ponder your essence, your True Self, dear ones, which is Divinity. Yes, each and every one of you is Divinity. Some of you are not in complete awareness of this fact; some of you are only allowing the awareness of it to bubble up occasionally from your consciousness. In whatever way you may want to look at it, through whatever eyes you may want to look at it, it is your True Essence.


More and more of you are beginning to grasp the complete weight of it, beginning to dance to the full chords of its celestial song. Your Soul Song is harmonizing quite well now with others’ Soul Songs, and what a beautiful symphony you are creating. Behold the wonders that the notes are creating in your outer world, dear ones, my comrades of Peace and Love. What a joy you are to behold!


Embrace the Joy that is bubbling up more and more from your depths, from your consciousness, as you dip into the Reality you are creating. “The Wonders never cease”, as they say. You are not letting it. You are creating more and more Miracles as you try out your wings and your powers of Creation.


You are on the precipice of many more Wonders, and all will see the effects before much time has passed. And time is relative, as you know, so consider it a done deal, as it really is, for you are just to reveal the effects of its manifestation as you uncover the Truth.


The Truth, dear friends, is that you are all Divine Beings, forever and always, and waiting to manifest is the glory that you hold. Uncover the Light that is you, dear ones, by denying the notion that you are separate and limited, that you are less than what you truly are: You are Divinity in all the colors of the rainbow, as you come together and join in Oneness.


Your loving brother, Yeshua

Thank you, Yeshua


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ascension 2012.

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Oh, I DID feel it. I was absolutely convinced. But days went on and the channelers kept saying "soon", "any day now" and "imminent". So the feeling died.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm sick of not seeing proof of a god damn thing.
look, we are a lot of ppl who wants to believe this, but so far we have only been let down by all of this.
This sounds too good to be true.
I really really hope, we do ascend and a natural state of being is implemented. Untouched nature, a new chance for our children....

The one thing i fear most is that nothing happens and hundred of souls will be crushed out of disappointment

Until I see a UFO land

ings outside the cities of the world live on TV, I'm calling all this suspicious nonsense.
Less talk and act now....................