Seeding the Field of Miracles

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This is Mt.Shasta overlooking a field of flowers
Some of us are coming together for an experiment for 13 days. In these 13 days we open ourselves to the miracle field. We access a new frequency in ourselves, a new level of allowing and receiving. This changes our set point around what receptivity and openness to miraculous occurrences. A set point would be the level you feel comfortable receiving from the universe. Each of us is a field of miracles, and I see that field emanates from our heart, a heart resonance field. What can bring that field up to higher resonance? We hope to discover that and so much more. We will merge our energy fields together during this Miracle Field Immersion project which amplifies the field for everyone.

The Perfect Storm

Anchoring the Grid of Light on the Solstice

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A number of individuals are located around the world connect together energetically at the equinox and solstice times for meditation, all at the same time.

Many of these people I do not know but we are connected and all doing this work together. The meditation on these days are to anchor the light of the Worldwide Grid, the Grid of Light that is here to help bring forth the new paradigm. My way of seeing a new paradigm could be this: a heart based world based on more love, more equality and sharing, with more environmental awareness and respect for Mother Earth and living creatures. Many on earth, wish for peace in the world, and a new way of being and living as so many people in the world do. We, who envision a new paradigm, are dreamers and visionaries, and hold the vision of a peaceful earth within us. We know that through us as individuals becoming peaceful, then our environment and world can become peaceful.

For many, changing the world could be seen as changing the inner world vibrationally, which projects to the outer reality and shifts it. Let this be a calling for more awareness and participation in meditation, meditating together, anchoring the light and anchoring the grid. The calling can be internal as a feeling and it can be sparked by knowing others are participating as well.

Tipping Point of Light

The Beginning of a NEW cycle of Pure Magic and Miracles!

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The first day after Mercury goes direct and already we are into magic and miracles! I joked with Michael earlier and asked him if Mercury is by any chance male because that would make perfect sense to me since all males, with the exception of Michael, have caused havoc in my life, and he laughed and said “Yes!” I said “I thought so!” This last retrograde cost me my iPhone and a whole lot of money that I found afterwards was unnecessary … but let’s not go into that now. I prefer to look at today as a beginning to a NEW cycle of pure magic and miracles.

This morning I had breakfast with an old friend and ex colleague that I hadn’t seen since I left for Mexico more than 3 years ago. Unbeknown to me, my friend had lost her job 2 years ago and had not been able to find another. Glady’s lives on the outskirts of one of the so-called ‘Black townships’ outside Cape Town. Now she is looking after 2 of her grandchildren for which she gets paid a very small amount each month and her disabled daughter. Her ‘unemployed for years’ husband up and abandoned her a while back. Thankfully her two other children are employed and help out from time to time.

A Touch of Georgia

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Wow, ever wonder what it is like to live in Georgia?  It feels exactly the same as it feels where you live.  We have lots of country side as well as cities.  We have Mountains as well as coast line.  The more populates areas are super busy with the energy of the many going to and from living their individual lives.

The Energies feel the same anywhere that you should live and may shift a bit if you move to a different area than what you are familiar with.  It is a matter of adjustment.  If you feel a dark cloud seeming to follow you around, you must shift inward first to figure out what is really going on causing this.  It is the inward search to find out whom you are and what choices you have made that led to make decisions that impact your life.  If you don't like the choices you make, change them and make better choices for yourself.  Once you discover this will give you a major shift in your consciousness.


The World's Best Healing Video (Part-1)

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Lord metatron's "Light My Fire" Activations,with Anita Bist

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Archangel Metatron wants lightworkers everywhere to step into the magnificence of their being. Many times lightwokers feel called to serve others but neglect their own God Self by putting themselves last. You were meant to have Divine Abundance for are you not Mother/Father God expressing themselves through you? So claim your Divine Power! Blast through being stuck, feeling unloved and lacking in resources or direction. Lord Metatron's "Light My Fire" Activations specially designed for lightworkers will connect you to your Infinite Source of Wisdom and deep hidden talents creating miracles in your life. For more information, please visit www.chakraoflife.com/productsprograms/metatronslightworkerpackage/

Cymatics and The New Age of Miracles

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A Re-Soundingly Successful Experiment


Recently, in Germany, researchers took the DNA of a 17-year-old boy, recorded its sound frequencies, and saved them. The boy was accidentally killed, but the scientists still had his DNA frequency patterns. Later, the DNA frequencies of the 17-year-old were transmitted into the body of a man in his late thirties. And the man almost became the young boy. His skin became youthful, he became slim, his hair went back to its natural color. Today he's in his forties and he still looks like a much younger man.

–Sir Peter Guy Manning, M.D.



Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua and the Company of Heaven ~ Be One With Us ~ August 8, 2012

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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven ~ Be One With Us ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ August 8, 2012


Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:


Hello my dear friends. I come before you today with the Company of Heaven to congratulate you on a benchmark in your development. Yes, you have achieved so much. You have accepted the Light and have blossomed within it.

The road you travel from here on out is one of such magnificent promise. We of the Company of Heaven await your further development, which has been glorious to see so far.

You have embraced your comrades, your fellow Lightworkers, your fellow Beings, your loving family of the Light, whether it be Celestial, Galactic or Human; we are all the same, and we are coming together in such grand purpose.

What you do from here on out is for you to determine. You have come so far along the path of enlightenment. It is time to let go and enjoy the ride, which will become even more grand.

For many their purpose has been to hold the Light, for many it has been to broadcast it, and for many it has been to gather it up and transmute it. You are all serving your purpose. You are all braving unprecedented ground and doing very well with it, my dear friends.

Take moments now to consider where you are going with all this glorious Light and Love you have been absorbing and spreading. It can be looked at like clay that can be molded into anything you wish. Consider that it is that easy. Creation is at your fingertips my dear Ones. Please continue to believe that.


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