Mid-2013 Update on Disclosure ~ Part 2/2

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(Continued from Part 1.)

Suzanne Lie’s Arcturians tell us that “humans are not yet ready” for Disclosure. (1) They explain what will make us ready: an expansion of  consciousness from embracing only the personal to embracing the planetary.

“As you move into your higher states of consciousness you no longer see yourself as a person. You see yourself as a collective of humanity, then you see yourself as a national consciousness and that’s why nations are going through their throes of battling their darkness.

“And as more and more nations battle their darkness, then these national consciousness move into a planetary consciousness and as a planetary consciousness sweeps through Gaia, then we will be able to land.” (2)

Ashtar speaking through Philipp Schlienger tells us that the announcement of the abundance program may make us ready for Disclosure. He begins by painting a picture of the excitement the introduction of abundance will cause.

“You were told that the transformation of your financial system is a done deal and only waiting for implementation. Additionally, you were told that the dark Ones have no more power to delay or to prevent this any longer. This we can confirm, and you will also see why this is so important.

“In the coming days and weeks you will learn more about it and – even better – you will experience it. We are looking forward to seeing how you rub your eyes in disbelief, asking yourself: ‘Is this really happening? Am I dreaming?’

“After this short period you will overflow with happiness and will be totally excited. This in itself will lift you up a great deal, and your vibrations will be raised to a higher degree.”  (3)

He asks us: “So why do I, Ashtar, tell you this?” And he reveals the link to Disclosure.

“Because the joy that you will experience with the introduction of the new financial system is absolutely critical to, and will form the basis of Disclosure taking place.”  (4)

He explains galactic thinking on the matter.

“What do you think might happen now if we were to carry out a mass flyover? Would the majority of people react with fear and terror? How would your existing financial system react? Would it not result in more violence and chaos?

“So now ask yourself, what would it be like if humanity is first lifted up by a new and fair financial system? The joy and happiness resulting from the old shackles of the present unfair economic system being stripped away, and everyone feeling freed from the yoke of slavery by the new financial transformation?

“Do you not think as well, that this will automatically resolve many of your current problems? And based on that, Disclosure – that your Star family is here and once again would like to unite with you – will be much better received?

“Thus, we can confirm what others have reported – and many of you already guess – that Disclosure will take place as soon as the necessary steps to implement the new, fair economic system have successfully taken place. Then we can come to you and present you with all that we have already announced to you.”   (5)

Not far behind abundance, he predicts, will be the entrance of our star family.

“And from your point of view the most wonderful thing is, probably, that we are talking about weeks and not years until this fundamental transformation of your economic system gathers speed and becomes apparent to everyone. And if this stone is rolling, you can also be assured that Disclosure will not be long in coming.”  (6)

Back in April, St. Germaine through Meline Lafont also linked Disclosure and NESARA:

“As is generally known, Disclosure is a part of Nesara, as Nesara is way more than just the funds. Nesara also has to do with your freedom and your self-enrichment into a much higher world and … consciousness. …

“Have faith in the Nesara project and in Disclosure, it will all benefit you greatly and it will take place when the collective hearts are ready for it. And that is what is transpiring now and, as a lot has already taken place and is occurring behind closed doors, it can happen in any moment of the NOW.” (7)

So the galactics tell us that the expansion of our consciousness to take in more than just ourselves or even our nations, but to take in the whole planet is needed before we’ll be ready to welcome the star beings. The advent of the abundance program will raise energy and excitement levels on the planet to the point where our fears may be overcome and our excitement may extend to welcoming our star family.


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Thank you Steve

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For your follow up on what is being told to us by the channels.

I too am doing my own follow up with them as well.

I have previously questioned why "These Ones" continue to place all these wonderous things "to-be" in our faces on a regular basis?? Example from above:

“Have faith in the Nesara project and in Disclosure, it will all benefit you greatly and it will take place when the collective hearts are ready for it. And that is what is transpiring now and, as a lot has already taken place and is occurring behind closed doors, it can happen in any moment of the NOW."

Do you realize that "NESARA" was set up by St Germain over a hundred years ago? Do you know how many years that it has been claimed by alleged channels that we would be receiving it "soon?"

Here is allegedly "Ashtar" on this subject with these words back in April/March:

"Ashtar thru Phillip 3/1/13 "Our Creator is full of joy, happiness and love for you and is so proud of your development. His project "Playfield Earth" is coming to a successful close. This grace period until September 2013 was not easy to provide you with. Please don't forget that although you put your focus on your Ascension and that of Gaia, the last which has already taking place. Rest assured that we are well prepared and that we know very well what our job is and what we have to do and when. The timing is perfect and no delays will be allowed. The outside events which we have referred to and which show humanity that Disclosure is here are on your door step and will happen very shortly. And by this, we mean “soon” in your language."

This given to us in early March, 2013 and do you see that last sentence how "He" chose to phrase it? This was told to us early this year that NESARA the financial assistance program with all it's wonderful features was to ease us into our ascension process that comes this September. Time is just about up for this to do us much good now, do you agree?

Who are these "Beings" giving us this false information over and over again and again? This is the very same thing they prepared us with last year, 2012, and similar for the last several years.


If these are in fact "Ascended Beings or Arch Angels" giving us this nature of deception we are in for something far worse than the cabal has provided. So that tells me that this is the cabal, what do you "feel?" Personally Steve I am confident that you don't serve any that you believe to be evil in any way, you are not that kind of Human. But we need to have our alert sensors on for those who come in the name of ones they are not bearing gifts with false promises.



David Porter

Author of the series