MOTHER MARY's 3-22 Empowerment Exercise

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Truth's Blue Wave: M.Mary

Mother Mary - March 22, 2011 Asthar Teleconference:

"Greetings, Beloved family! It is I, Mother Mary, and Sananda and the Kumara children are at my side. Sanat Kumara is here as well. So we have Family, and I am representative of the Love that is yours by birthright, by creation of Mother/Father God, and in the Joy, indeed the absolute Joy of our togetherness in purpose upon this planet. It was I who spoke* and said, 'I am not known perhaps as the being of empowerment. I am known as being compassionate, nurturing. I am known as a bringer of grace and blessings to those who are in any kind of torment or trauma upon Planet Earth.'

"Beloved Ones I had, in this identity as Mother Mary, I had trauma and torment within my own beloved Earth family, but I also had the perspective that you are coming into, this perspective of Empowerment that is automatically given and received when you are in full connection with the totality of who you are. I had the high perspective of the universe, the perspective of knowing of my divinity and the divinity of all living beings, even those, even those who persecuted and tortured and destroyed the body of the one you know as my son. Yes I had the feelings of the mother, but I also had the feelings of knowing that we were playing most important roles in what we did, and to honor us now for the roles that we played is appropriate, but it is not to grieve.

"And so I step forward to commune with you in this Exercise of Empowerment for all, that all of us together may share this high perspective, that all of us may know that we are indeed partners traveling this road together, that we are equals, that we all have this wisdom, this perspective, this divinity within us!

"And so I call upon us all to simply join hands and hearts together, and I call forth the Blue Wave of Truth.** Archangel Michael shares it willingly. And it drops and it spirals and it floats, and it is for all of us to allow this beautiful energy, this Blue Wave of Truth, to empower us to soar high, high in the skies, if you wish to be in the sky, or anywhere that you choose to soar. But it is appropriate to come up above all of Planet Earth, floating literally on this Blue Wave, this beautiful Blue Wave of Truth, of Light, of Enlightenment.

"Now, look around and see us all together, this great Family, this wondrous, wondrous group. See us all mixed in together. There are no boundaries, no dividing lines, no separations at all. We are all One in the great Light of Truth. We all soar and our own lights shine forth and become one with all of us together. Beloved Family, this is who we are. It is this Light, it is this Empowerment with which we all serve together. No one of us is any more or any less than any other, and it is this Truth which we share now. Open your eyes, open your hearts, open your minds' eyes and feel it and be it. This is our Truth, this is our Empowerment, this is our Place of Perspective, this is our Source and this is our Destination!

"And that is what it is for All! There is not one of you who is choosing to stay behind in the darkness without this Truth. Not one. You are all choosing to be here now, at this time. So as we join hands and hearts, let us savor this wondrous high energy. Let us empower each other with it. Let us greet each other as equals, as sovereign, as divine. All of us have roles to play in this wondrous coming together. And it is indeed time, as you measure it, for this recognition to come into the totality of who each and every one of you are, One with us, equal in Empowerment, equal in Creative Capabilities, equal in Lighting the Way, because you know the Truth of it and you know Who You Are and you know Who We Are, and you know that Together We are One.

"Breathe in this precious Blue Light, take as much as you wish. Breathe it in and let it swirl around throughout the entirety of your fields of energy. In so doing, rise even higher, allow yourselves to fly even higher. We are all together now, flying even higher. Come up into the Christ Consciousness realms. It’s there for all of us. It’s there for us all to come to as equals. It’s there for all of us to be completely empowered to do so.

"And as we fly up, notice that there is even more of this wondrous Blue Light. Gently now, very gently, without letting go of hands and hearts, just gently breathe in more and then blow it out. Breathe it in and blow it out. Send it to all of Planet Earth, send it out now, this Blue Light of Truth, this empowering Blue Light. Send it to all of Planet Earth. Just let it fill you, let it bring us into even higher Light, and at the same time, send it to Planet Earth, that more and more may wake up, that more and more may know the Truth, that more and more may come together in Mission, in Purpose, and in Oneness. Let it be the Joy and let it be the Joy of Who We Are Together, all together One, in Mission, in Purpose and in Love.

"And thank those who are accepting the Blue Wave, who are opening their hearts, and their eyes, and their minds and their minds' eyes and coming to join with us now. Let us welcome them, let us welcome them, more and more coming, more and more awakening. Keep on sending this Blue Light out. Keep on sending it out every day when you think of it, when you think of Who We Are, Who We Are Together, and what we are co-creating together as Equal Co-creators! Send this Light out and share it even more.

"I, Mother Mary, am empowered to do this, and if I sound a bit different, a bit more powerful, I am merely the mirror to you, Beloved Ones, reflecting back to you with grace, ease and Love beyond words. So thank you, Beloved Ones, for coming for this. Play this often in your memories, in your ears or your hearts. Keep the words with you and know that in this time together, you have recognized, you have met your Divine Selves as Equals, as Co-creators of this wondrous mission of Ascension!

"So, now step right up when you are ready. Accept your roses. They are among the rarest in the universe. They are blue. They are the blue roses, the Kumara roses of blue. Everyone take one or more into your hearts and into your minds' eye spaces. Let this be your Empowerment reminder, always now, forward on the path Together! Breathe it in, breathe it in, and so it is!!! Namaste!"

* During Ashtar's message - The Masters are sometimes speaking together, but with the identity of the main speaker.

** Ashtar spoke about the Blue Wave of Truth in his message.


"Oh, we're flying high! You are wonderful, Beloved Ones. We are in Mission. Let your gifts come forward. Share them with this wondrous Planet in the Ascension process.

We are all Equals!!! We all have sharing and compassionate caring and Love. It makes the World go round you know. And it’s really important. The balance that you seek has just been amplified, even more. These past few days in your time have been in great assistance, but there is no one and no way of assisting to a higher degree, than for you to come and bring your open hearts, your Love and your Empowered Selves to these missions. I am looking at all of you and you’re positively Radiant Blue, and this is grand indeed. So thank you, Beloved Ones, for your presence, for your focus, for your courage, and most of all, for your Love. And so it is. Namaste!"

Transcription by Deborah Urquhart.

Given through Susan Leland, March 22, 2011. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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