Moving Forward in Life

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God said:

Beloved, life is tried and true, and yet each day is new. Life is forwarded to you every day. Life is an experiment. You may tremble at life's inconsistency as if certainty is supposed to be the law of the land. Life is not a debt owed you. Life is given to you. Life moves along, yet life can choose any route it chooses while it is at it.

Life is not regimented. Life takes its chances as it moves along.

Surprise in life seems to be a certainty. You are trawling along in a boat on a river. No one knows how many fish your net will catch on any one day or not. That you are trawling every day seems likely, yet there are no guarantees no matter what you say.

Yes, life is an idea, and ideas change. Your perceptions of life also change.

To be alive means you grow and change. You don’t stay the same. You can’t stay the same. Beloved, you cannot stay the same as you always were or thought you were. Nor do you have to change every minute of the day. Still, change is your fortune. You can't predict all the upcoming changes.

Today is not a past event. You can part your hair on the other side. You don’t have to dye your hair purple. It isn’t exactly that you must keep up with the trends. It’s just that you can only live now and not in the past. You don’t have to be a flibberty-gibbet any more than you have to repeat the past. Life is new. You do not walk on a treadmill and tread only the past. There is greater than the past. You are ever new. Open to the present. You are not meant to be freeze dried. You can’t ride the same old horse forever.

Change is the name of the game of life.

Once upon a time, blue jeans were dungarees and were worn for work on the farm. Now blue jeans are fashion forward.

Once a flying machine was a conjecture. Today airplanes fly in the sky every day.

Once computers were imagined. Once computers were bulky and slow. Look at them now.

Once television was black and white.

Today the whole world is before you. Mosey on. You can’t stem the tide. Nor can you pretend the tide away. New is here.

You want your joints flexible, and so you want to be flexible with life as it comes to you.

Every year is a New Year, and you are new as well.

And then there is also something called human nature that seems to stay the same!

Indeed, there is NEW under the Sun. Look up! As you roll out of bed, the Sun rolls itself across the sky. Welcome, Sun!

Life is unprecedented and ever new. You can’t leash life. Nor can you slow it down.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? Who says you have to know? You’d like to know, or do you?

Pretty much you have to take life in bite-size pieces. Pretty much you have to take life as it comes.

It is said that God is the Doer. Where does that leave you? You and I are One. You participate, and, yet, you as you perceive yourself – you are also a receiver. We are One, and you are also a Witness even as Oneness Is.

Oneness is, and you, as the individual, imagine you are a distinction as you sit in the Heart of God. You cannot depart, and yet you also observe God’s Doings. Well, which is it you would be, beautiful Doer of God’s Will?

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