Moving Into A State of Light and Love ~ September 10, 2019

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Think of yourselves as carrying the torch, the Olympic Torch, and bringing in the games.  But not the Olympic Games of old, and not even the Olympic Games of now:  the Olympic games of the future, the Olympic Games of Light.

These Olympic Games of Light is the entire world participating, and that is what your new Golden Age is bringing.  Participation by all across the planet, all as ONE.  Can you imagine just for a moment what that would be like!  No sickness, no disease, no sorrow, only health, only joy, no aging or very little aging.

Of course, there is a transition that you are moving through, and will continue to move through. And that transition is catapulting you now through the ascension, and fully into your own personal ascension.

For there is the ascension of Gaia coming first.  Then the ascension of life here on this planet.  For Gaia is ascending, and moving into the higher vibrations, and preparing a place for you, preparing a place for you to come and begin to create and do your work, your higher vibratory work, higher vibratory creation.  Creation with consciousness involved in it.  Not the creation of old, creation that holds dark forces within it, creation that holds darkness as a sense of duality within the illusion.

You are moving into a state of creativeness of Light, of love, and higher consciousness.

Continue now to allow the process to continue to pull you forward, to bring you into those next higher and higher vibrations with the higher and higher, stronger and stronger waves of energies that are going to continue to come into the planet.


The universe is almost in perfect alignment.

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 The universe is almost in perfect alignment. It will be in perfect alignment at the Divine Mother’s choosing. (I am seeing golden cogs and wheels in the universe, all being divinely timed and directed). Be at peace. All is most well. Ground to me, ground to Gaia. Become the bridge bearers you were born to be and you will be as you anchor this multidimensional light that coats and soothes, that transmutes your tears away. Be at peace.

From September 7, 2019 to February 17, 2020 humanity will be....

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From September 7, 2019 to February 17, 2020 humanity will be assisting in the initiation of our Society of Light.  Our former social structures are antiquated and in need of becoming inclusive and revamped towards our future 5th Dimensional reality. Our thought processes will shift and begin to address the infinite possibilities for our future experience within Mother Earth’s Universal Community of the Fifth Dimension.