My Meet and Greet, Zac Keith

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Wolf Hongo
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My Meet and Greet, Zac Keith

Hey all, 
I've had an account on here for a few months and realized that i never introduced myself on this forum. 
I Am, Zac. 
I live on the East Coast of the United States in the forgotten city of Fall River Mass. You may have heard of it via the whole Lizzie Borden thing and that's pretty much it.
My awakening process made itself apparent to me in the summer of 2012, where I realized the first of many Universal Synchronicities that would send me into a world of spirituality and love that I would have never known of. It got really intense on the day the old world "ended", Dec 21 2012, when I had my first channeling completely by accident! 
As what i used to consider to be time has passed, more and more spectacular things have presented themselves and helped make my life into one full of love and joy. I was always a Happy person, but I use to associate the illusory energy boost of anger with being a good thing. I know of a few folks who still are under this delusion and it is what grips many.
Of course the anger i had pent up dissipated as the awakening synchronicities increased, I fell in love with my twin flame, I fell into a job that allows me to on a daily basis spread  joy, love, compassion and humor in an environment that desperately needs it... A high school. I also fell out of the mind set that for so long had me thinking that the "real" world was all there could be.

I started meditating and immediately recognized where i was being called to. This lead to an interest in Reiki, Shamanism, Sacred Geometry's, ET's, Empathy studies and all of the other awesomeness that goes along with what we as Light Workers do. 

In my non working hours I am usually with friends, writing music with my beautiful band mates (The Wolf Hongos) hiking.... when it's not six degrees outside... meditating furthering my Reiki studies, being a shaman which most just call me a hippy, playing Dungeons and Dragons cause Nerdlifeisbestlife, generally enjoying this awesome gift of life we each and all chose to share with one another.

I'm probably leaving out a bunch of stuff... I'm sure i'll touch upon it at some point though.

Thanks for reading, 
Love and Light To You All!

Zac Keith


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Welcome Zac! Happy to have

Welcome Zac! Happy to have you here.

Mrs. Toot
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Hi Zak. What do you do at the high school? I teach adults how to speak English as a second language. I don't think I could teach high school. Scary.

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