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Many people are scared because they believe that the in dark revelation in which they belive they will witness the destruction of the earth. we are in the age ofConflict , division mind control , for it is now iam omnipresent. No, no. This age is the Golden Age for the seekers of God, for earning and learning There will be physical repercussions because of growing selfishness,greed , pride adjustments will happend on the planet, and lie will be clear-out. I have come to revive the ancient wisdom contained in in every religion and occulte psylosophy The Will of God cannot be stopped. The events God ordains will take place. it is a joyful Golden Age will for the chidrend of the will of god the entire world will know of my presence. At this time only a relatively few people know of my truth. As of now only local individuals represent me, and they do not draw the attention of people of substance and importance throughout the world. i do not look at status and worldly importance. a looks at the heart and service to the needy. I want each and every one of you to reach the highest state of joy and grace. I wish each of you to know the joy of full Unity of creation. It is wise to form a study circle on spiritual science and truth with others who are honestly seeking the spiritual life. Exchange truths, discuss virtues, and listen to the glories of the sun when you Look at the someone. Try to discover a point of contact and similarity not point of conflict and division. Use your knowledge to make yourself kinder and more peacefull. Don't worry about failure; life will become worth living. God is in Everyone You must see that all persons are simply different faces of the Divinity. Attempting to hate God is the height of ignorance. There is no room in your lives for hatred of anyone. To see all things as One you must expand your outlook. You must develop a broad loving heart. Selfishness must disappear. You must find the greater meaning of life - Godliness. ... Striving to lead godly lives is the only truly sacred behaviour. wish to blossom forth as your true Self, your Higher Divine Nature, you must spend the life given you serving humanity with great humility and no concern for selfish gain Never has there been that before. With Krishna, only the gopis were aware of humanity as Gods children, awaken now while the divine Avatar is here to guide you. The way ahead is clear, sign-posted through the teachings of the Lord, and you have this unique opportunity to escape from the darkness into light simply by putting those teachings into practice in your daily lives. Open your hearts and let the love flow, knowing that love can overcome all barriers. See God in everyone and everything and become part of the universal whole which is My reality. My children, time to awake has come and that time is NOW. But for many of you it will pass without any positive action or participation on your part until, one day, you experience something traumatic which finally awakens you from your hipnosis. the goal of mankind: release from the constant cycle of birth and death. It is desire and the craving and atachement to material pleasures that bind humainty to 3d earth plane, you can only find liberation through purification and enlightenment. God is love, you are God, and you should awaken to that truth. See the light, live in light, and let love blossom in your hearts so that it lights up the world and cleanses it of the evil and the ignorance of the present age Your future is assured once you find your own self, the divinity within, the real you, the child of the living God who lives deep in your heart. The Golden Age is the creation of man, not of God Human Family is One The unity of mankind is the goal. there will be harmony throughout the world and love will flow everywhere. All thoughts of hatred will disappear. Today you cannot visualize such a state because there is chaos everywhere, fighting, scheming, hatred, evil; all the negative emotions are in the ascendent. But the change is coming.



Yes we are living in very

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Yes we are living in very stressful times. Yes there is much fear, lies and deception going on. Yes there may be great changes coming to the planet. Faith and hope is very important for us to have.  This is a good message that you share with us. Thank you and many blessings.