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Many people are scared because they believe that the in dark revelation in which they belive they will witness the destruction of the earth. we are in the age ofConflict , division mind control , for it is now iam omnipresent. No, no. This age is the Golden Age for the seekers of God, for earning and learning There will be physical repercussions because of growing selfishness,greed , pride adjustments will happend on the planet, and lie will be clear-out. I have come to revive the ancient wisdom contained in in every religion and occulte psylosophy The Will of God cannot be stopped. The events God ordains will take place. it is a joyful Golden Age will for the chidrend of the will of god the entire world will know of my presence. At this time only a relatively few people know of my truth. As of now only local individuals represent me, and they do not draw the attention of people of substance and importance throughout the world. i do not look at status and worldly importance. a looks at the heart and service to the needy. I want each and every one of you to reach the highest state of joy and grace. I wish each of you to know the joy of full Unity of creation. It is wise to form a study circle on spiritual science and truth with others who are honestly seeking the spiritual life. Exchange truths, discuss virtues, and listen to the glories of the sun when you Look at the someone. Try to discover a point of contact and similarity not point of conflict and division. Use your knowledge to make yourself kinder and more peacefull. Don't worry about failure; life will become worth living. God is in Everyone You must see that all persons are simply different faces of the Divinity. Attempting to hate God is the height of ignorance. There is no room in your lives for hatred of anyone. To see all things as One you must expand your outlook. You must develop a broad loving heart. Selfishness must disappear.

free world? evolve world?

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you think you are free you are a think you have choice all your choice are think the gouvernement is there to take care of you know that farmer give food and medecine to the animal they send to the sluther house.think the media inform you no they manipule your mind.think you can report the truth about our system or the gouvernement try you be put in jail or asylum or kill.think the pharmaceutic industry is searching cure for disease you are a fool they create disease and dangerous antidote to them.think school are great is to domestic you like a dog.think you vote count no opinion are manufacture they chose who can run and its not for your benifice but for the globalist agenda.think the prsident or the prime minister are in charge no its the secret elite people who you nevr hear about they are bound by secrecy.think the american dream is great you must be sleeping kill inocent bring misery at home and acroos the globe.thik the gouvernement is in charge no its the corporation and the criminal baking elite.think you can be a free thinker see what happen.know that god will not fix the earth for us.we have the power from within to restore the earth.know that if you live only for you self its a waste have to live to make the world a better place for future generation.know that nature will alway rebalance.we may seem to win over nature for a moment with gmo and monoculture wich create uge unbalance in the web of life and in the take alots of efort to maintain monoculture despite our efort nature will alway reclaim its right and destroy monoculture and gmo as it is not natural.monoculture is the result of slave nation.our centralisation of food production away from local market create a dependence on few plant to feed the nation.we are puting our self at risk of great starvation by expecting to feed the nation with centralise monoculture  and gmo we have to use more and more pestecide wich will on

immortal technic

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all religion promise eternal have to become imortal in your life time their is no paradise after death.know that reading the bible the koran or the tora will never make you imortal they only bring conflic and great division amount mankind.people are  like sheep they falow and belive blindly anyone who seem to have great position or of value in a world of darkness rarely get famous.a tell you if you falow the old testament you will never reach imortality but most likely end  in prison.know that their is no god above our self.the only thing that exist is consciensciousness and energy.the rest is created by us human these monotheist religion as turn us into miserable sinner we have become condense information.the material and psysical round is made only of thought form condense information slow wave vibration.thought and imagination become real the secret elite of this world know it that why they invent psychiatry to control what people belive to normalise society into slave worker.the latin definition of work is torture and civilisation mean slavery.know that reality obey mostly to our subconscious belief.

a mesage to the resistance

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it may be imperative to be self rightious but it can lead to non acceptance and violence toward the one who do not control their thoughts and action have more tolerance toward the one who make mistake in good will know that the road to hell is pave with good intention.we live in a society base on fear base mind control if the enemy know your trauma it can control you forever is what secret society do they facilitated the happening or even organise traumatic event and with the use of media reawake the fear.know that reality is not random not even our death we have being program by tv radio and other form of media psysical ageging and disease do not happend by chance or coeincidence the secret elite know that we are powerfull creator and dose not want us to discover our true self.psysical reality is thoghts condence our personal reality operate from our subconscient belief and emotion to stay healthy it is nesesary to detach emotionaly from what we percive negatif or evil to more you engage emotionaly the more you create of what you do not want.the resistance is organise and ready to strike the arnarco-socialist monarchy is resusrected and well alive working in secret to set humanity free and restore the health of peopleif you happend to experience psychiatry dont let no one tel you your are sick from schizophrenia or bipolaity    you are a mystic and dont defend you belief or try to explain you self to a non awake psychiatrist no they are mostly criminal at the sold of a corupt pharma industry that invent disease and make dangerous antidote to 2033 if the mass still asleep and hipnotize god will madate the angel to chose 7 kings and all people exept the kings and its disiples will lose thier freewill the king will not be leader and will  be here to restore wisdom

the mirror efect

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know that all that we see is what we have become few people ar aware that their inner world is reflected in their reality.

humanity is very sick and in a colective psychosis there is no world outside of our self hard to belive because duality appear to be so real but its a mirage.

your 5 sense may be very usefull to fonction in the psysical reality but beliving that what we percive with the 5 sense is the only thing real is like fog on the lense of perception that blind us from wich is real consciensciousness.

the world is as real as its unreal it depend in wich matrix we are dwelling and conect the one who are conect the the matrix  of nature percive our city and most of its citezen as hologram projection of the mass inconscience.

in occidental society when one conect with the non psysicaln it start to see in wich illusion human race as being keep in and start to loose interest in the material and psysical universe become conect with the immortal that dose not age wich are spirit in form become real in wich greater reality is found and greater ability discover.

when try to talk with the human in the colective psychosis we can be tag as delusional and sick when in fact we live in a higher state of consciensciousness.

our mass media promote to much negative event wich activate the law of serie wich we focus on is what we create wich tent to make the mass live in a hostile and corupt environement.

most people live acording to the media and fals belief they are hook to mind control programation of their subcoscient that make them age psysicaly become sick and die without having live a sigle day of their life.

evolution a letter to the occident

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wich future do you desire for you kids a future that cary no hope or a future that childrends can thrive and have great destiny.

here in occident  we have being bless with surabondance at the expence of most nation in the world if we dont change that we will look like the 3ird world.

karma alaway work like a boomrang it may take generation but as a nation we will alaway reap what we show.

occident thrive on pride and think it can super impose cosumerism and toxic industry that is not sustainable for the earth and make the world population sick.

more that half the world population  dont want you corporocracy and dont want to depend on private foreight bank they want to be sovreigth.

by domping food that you highly criminaly subvention in the 3ird world you know you dont help them give a man a fish it come back the next day teach them how to fish and produce foods you make him independent.

with you doomping of toxic cheap food you have destroy your environement and the agriculture of the 3ird world and make them depend on you for their survival.

you have send corporation to exploit natural resource and destroy the habitat of billion people and give nothing in return to the local population.

you have support cuntless terrorist and dictator you have help renverse countles legite gouvernace in favor of a dictator who was in accord to give you all the whealth of a nation.

its time every nation nationalise its bank and natural resouce we cant leave that in private hand.

raccoon truth

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        peace truth  love kindness  patience
                        dignity ethic
                         racoon team
        divine anarcho-socialist mornarchy
                   fraternity liberty

     reiki  sufism taoism gnostic falung-gong druide
                     boudha krishna seth
                      qi-gong yoga
                    holistic medecine
            carl sagan global vision
     mystic path to cosmic power vernon howard
                  R.I R.V gerald o`donnell
           biology of belief  bruce lipton
  spontanious healing of belief greeg braden
             king and queen of infinity
     teacher sonia barrett , mitchel gibson
  gerald o`donnell , marc chauvette , bruce lipton
            tony samara , max igan , deepak chopra

when your telepathic ability actvate you will be lead to your guide and meet the master of humanity

read book by joshep cambel and  carl jung

rethink the world reclaim your power

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education must be a tool that teach how to be happy and create reality.
education must be ascessible to all people who wish to study not just the rich.
education shall be free from birth to doctora
education must be repaid if the studend go work in another country
we must asure a education of quality
there should be more funding in new science in university
the entire psychiatric program must be rethink
know that psychiatry is the bigest scam of the 21 first century
its a phylosophy of inveting disease with dangerous antidote who cause the problem they preten to cure
all nation shall nationalize its bank and put it into public trust
every nation shall natinalize its natural resource
only individual shall have the right to fund politic corporation and business shall be exclude to fund political party
the rich contry shall reduce there subvention to  non organic agriculture
and end subvention to meat industry
every province of canada will become a country and every state of usa will become a country big gouvernement mean big corution big war  and dictate choice.
investment and subvention  to small organic farm is nesesary for food sovreighty
corn or other vegetable for ethanol shall be stop as it destroy environement and contribute to higher cost of food
we shall have a national housing program
tent zone for poor people in every city with shower and toilette
we shal think about global warming by reducing the number of car on the road  if amost all the city are link by train and bus less people will by car
more subway station in big city
developing city agriculture more comunoty gardend and roof gardening
primary school shall be a place where childrend can dream and learn to be imaginatif and creative
school shall teach how to prepare healthy food

the great secret

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                      a world of wonder
hostility and mistrust are gone everyone  is calm and understanding.
the time of soldier  is over they see there old enemy as alie.
peace is no longer a word but our actual condition humanity is awakened.
man realize something previously unsen there is no race  all come from the same unity.
only consciousness exist.
humanity as wakeup from their human hypnosis.
the time of platitude is  gone people are so nobel.
masquarades for selfish  ambition are of the past.
they see thing as they realy are a manifestation of the divine.
its a brand new   world of wonder and happiness.
the conquest is now inward outward conquest is over.
the world is now ours.
life is freed from strain and anxiety and hurry.
the cosmic patience of god reflet the new nature of ours.
man as walk out of his strange hypnoze the greatest nightmare is gone wich we use to take for reality earth as become paradise.
people are now spiritualy awake disappointed with pride fame wealth and social success.


                      the great secret
what is the cause of human problem on earth.
this question most be on your mind for a while if you read this.
all proplem start in the human mind that is not master.
if a tel you that a long time ago mankind was like a lage party.
this can be likened again if you find truth within your self.
humanity is lost searching for a new home site not realising the only place to look is within  oneself.

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