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While watching an inspirational video about living from our divine self from within, I had a question repeat over and over in my mind. Why isn't there a place online where people can come together to discuss this very difficult to understand topic. So I did a search for a forum where people talk about living from our divine self. I know for me I have known about this part of me since I can remember. I had a rough life, one where many would have become bitter and distant. I have my moments but mostly all of my past bumps and bruises have served a vital purpose in making me who I am. So now I am here looking for inspiration to further my ability to manage how view the world. I still have my ego, I still have flaws, but I believe life would be very boring if I didn't always have something to make even better. This world is beautiful every moment. In my mind I know this, I strive to one day live it as if I always did. I believe my gift to the world is that of words, I have always been able to put words together in a very artistic and understandable fashion. I thrive on conversation surrounding spirituality and psychology. I look forward to taking in new experiences and views from the community on this board. I believe one day we all will find a way to experiencing this amazing realm of bliss..... Or our true nature.


My name is Chantel