Name Me a Dream

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God said:

Beloved, settling down to Godwrite is much like the joy of deciding to go on a sea voyage. It is delicious to enjoy the thought of it. Suddenly, your heart alights on one ocean or another, on one destination or another, nearer to one dream or another, and then you go full-steam ahead on a voyage of your heart. You skim across an ocean of your choice, or is it your choice at all? You may not choose it. You may be compelled, as if this is a command performance. Perhaps you are stolen away, yet you are perfectly willing.

Is there any other kind of voyage but one you have been held captive in, ready, set, go? Every voyage is greater than that which a body takes. Every voyage is greater than that of the mind, and yet every voyage does occur in the mind. Ultimately, an ocean voyage is of the imagination, of the heart, of a longing greater than simply going somewhere. Even if you have gone there before, now it's a different journey.

There is also nostalgia and perhaps the song, “Toyland, Toyland, mystical magic Toyland, Once you pass its borders, you cannot go there again.”

The same traveler doesn’t travel to the same place again, which brings up the question of Who Are You now and Who or What were you when you traveled over the Bounty Main before, and what does it really mean to travel to and fro? Why is it that only some people are wild to travel and others might just as well stay at home in their slippers, as if a location amounts to home or here or there or anywhere? Is there a travel bug that bites?

And, yet, even if you are bedridden, isn’t every day a show on the road of one kind or another? Who stays in place immemorial? Do you slide into place? Isn’t every day a home run?

Is everywhere a base you want to slide into? Is it the name of a place that you really want to visit? Yes, the name of a place pulls you. Zanzibar. Mojave Desert. Lovers’ Lane.

“O, Name me a dream.

“Give me a range to roam.

“Roll me up a magic carpet.

“Buy me some new shoes.

“Show me a new dance.

“Pack my heart.

“Take me somewhere where I have never been before.

“Restore my Soul.

“Where do I find You, God, prim and proper? Where do You take me? Where am I bound?

“There has to be more than once around the block, doesn’t there?

“There has to be more than I already know.

“There must be somewhere more You will take me. I don’t always follow the same route. Nor am I the same. Am I ever really reborn differently?

“Wherefore am I, and Why fore? And how is it You and I are One Wonderfulness? And what is all this about, I mean, really?

“Am I on a circular staircase? Have I passed this way before? Where have I been? What do I think I am doing – if anything?

“Is this a big to-do about nothing? Is this all there is, and what is it anyway?

”Wherein lies the heart?

“Where have I been hiding, or where have I been running to and from? Do I exist now? Do I tread water? Do I fly? Where do I find myself, and why should I?

“What button do I push? Where am I shoving off from? When do I arrive?

"Whose dream is this anyway? God, is it a sure thing that this very dream is mine or Ours or anyone’s dream at all?”

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