Native Elders Reveal Centuries Of Extraterrestrial Contact Lore

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by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Dr. Boylan’s website

For ten days in June 1996, the Yankton Sioux Reservation on the windswept high plains of South Dakota was a gathering place for indigenous tribal leaders from around the globe and hundreds of Native and Euro-American listeners. The occasion was the Star Knowledge Conference and Sun Dance, convoked by Lakota (Sioux) spiritual leader Standing Elk in response to a vision. The vision showed that Native American spiritual knowledge about the Star Nations was to be shared. This Conference also fulfilled ancient Hopi and Lakota prophecies.


Star-Knowledge Conferences

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These were subsequently held quarterly for four years throughout Turtle Island.  After a break, they resumed annually on 11:11.

Dr. Boylan wrote summaries of many of these which he posted on his website ~  Search 'drboylan starknowledge'.

Many of the recent presentations are now on Search 'star-knowledge conference' and 'chief golden light eagle'.