~Naysayers Challenge the Light~

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Submitted by Joe (unregistered)
Dear Galactic Free Press,

at first i really believed this stuff... but the more i read the less this makes sence. You also talk about these increase of energies when nothing has changed. No one has even woken up as you have explained. The only people that has woken up is to what the governments are doing to us. you also crushed peoples hopes a year ago.


Submitted by FatherMotherGod...

First Of All If You are still asleep then you would not know if others are awake or not. We have People Awakening Now Every Moment. We get reports from All over the Planet with Those who are awake feeling the energies and experiencing them as well. We have said repeatedly, You have to Be Present In the Moment of now, to Feel what is Unfolding. There is Lots happening On the Planet more so then ever, but you will have to open your eyes and then Your Heart to Experience. We have never said we could do this for You or anyone, nor can we save You, this you have to do on your own. To Blame those who are in service to Light is just you blaming your own self for not being awakened yet. Take Responsiblity and Get On with your Own Awakening. This goes for all naysayers who are coming after the Light with Blame.  The True Reality of Heaven begins from within.  All Events such as Full Disclosure and the decloakings at some point are all inevitable! The More who awaken the quicker this will Manifest! Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies



For all Who Need Assistence Awakening Sessions are Being Offered to Help You




We love you dearly brother

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We love you dearly brother Joe, so hang in there, look inward and follow your heart. :)

Well, me too at times...

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I wonder how many of us have felt this way from time to time.  I have in my darker moments.  I really liked the way you offered support instead of criticism.  After all, it's the left hand washing the right hand as ultimately we are one and we're going together.  Blessings.