New Creation Event

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I use muscle testing to gain access to information of all categories, including spiritual categories.

This past Tuesday, 6/26/2018, I tried to say the phrase, "Today is Tuesday." But for some reason, I could not let those words pass between my lips. It was a strange sensation ... to not be able to say what I considered to be a true sentence. So, I tested the following:
"Today is Monday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Tuesday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Wednesday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Thursday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Friday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Saturday." Answer: NO.
"Today is Sunday." Answer: NO.

Okay. That is very very curious. Muscle testing identifies the truth of any precise sentence... enabling a decision maker to tie-in to the precise guidance from God on the subject in question.

This applies to normal everyday life situations, as well as spiritual situations.

So, I ended up, asking God...

"Is there any such thing as OLD Earth?" NO.
"Is there any such thing as NEW Earth?" NO.

hmmmmmmmmmmm... I knew they were there on Monday the 25th... so what the heck is going on here?

I am not good at drawing out the answers to situations... it just is not in my soul to malinger in my soul.

So, here is what I did....

"Hey Jesus, this place that I am standing upon... is it called Earth? NO. IT IS NOT. IT IS CALLED A NEW CREATION. said Jesus to me telepathically.

I tested energetically if what he said was "So." and I got a YES.

Did God change the name? I asked. "NO." said God.

Did Jesus change the name? I asked again. "YES." said Jesus.


I first observed this problem / situation on Tuesday.
When Wednesday came around (or at least what I thought was Wednesday...) all my questions about the days of the week were "NO."

I am asking a NOW time question... Is today, Wednesday? NO. IT IS NOT. said Jesus.

Just to pose an additional question, I asked,

"Have the trumpets (re: Book of Revelation) blown?" NO.

I have been working in the spiritual realm for quite some time, but not as long as many others. But, as of Tuesday, this is a NEW CREATION... and there is no such thing as days of a week. Maybe I have not asked the correct question.

Those of you who are practitioners of Applied Kinesiology / muscle testing, please double check these questions and answers - if you know how to do that without creating error.

For the first time in my life, I do not know what else to ask, in order to delve into this new level of truth .. a New Creation. I look forward to any of you shedding additional light on this very interesting NEW THING that has been done.

BYTHEWAY ... This River of Life has a NEW CREATION. This River of Life is a NEW CREATION.

I look forward to your inputs.

Peace be unto all of us!