The New Earth is Born

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This is a reply to a voicemail I received from a lightworker friend ~


The Equinox New Moon/Solar Eclipse was a birthday into the New Earth Ascended Life* for many, many new age people.
I can hear it in your voice, and I've observed it in myself and many newage people I know.
It is increasing daily and is a great freedom from the limits of one's past in every respect.
We are beginning to function as members of the New Earth Ascended Life Unified Organism which is already freeing us from the influences of the past, individually and collectively.
And our unified ascended life is also making its own ascended planetary/universal Being which is the basis of the New Ascended Living Creation and Civilization.
As this New Earth Ascended Life and Living continues to mature, we are all becoming New Earth Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization within this New Earth Ascended Planetary/Universal Living Creation and Civilization Unified Organism Being.
This includes the New Earth Ascended SpaceLife creation and civilization forces which are also part of this birth of the New Earth in those areas where it is present. 
And it includes the unified creating with various ascended extraterrestrial forces which are assisting in the creation of the New Earth Ascended Living Creation and Civilization, and the New Earth Ascended Living Creation SpaceLife Civilization.
Regarding one's solar return and other personal astrology, it is rapidly becoming much less relevant as we become ascended masters of creation and civilization who are members of the New Earth Ascended Organism, and we are living and creating more in tune with and aligned with planetary, solar, stellar, galactic and other planetary/universal living creation forces and powers of creation and civilization.
And as New Earth Ascended Masters of Creation, we are functioning as such and are no longer limited by personal astrological factors including many physical limiting factors.
Ascended Masters of Creation will have the option of physical immortality and eternal youthfulness as outlined in the Kryon channeling in the March issue of SEDONA Journal.
Good Morning Ascended New Earth Beings!  
Today begins the full ascension of this planetary system and the entire life of our New Earth!
Together we are all living in this wonderful New Earth living creation organism which is all inclusive and all unifying to give the highest possible ascended life to all beings everywhere.
The ascension forces have the powers of creation built into them so that we can now begin to create the New Earth living creation civilization without relying on others to make it happen.
It is the destiny of this planet to become the perfect living creation being which is theAvatar Center for the entire universe and its inhabitants.
This is the final planetary creation goal which is now empowered to continue into its universal life and fulfillment.
The Creator Avatar Race is managing this process of evolution as it continues and is empowered by the ongoing community of Ascended Creators who are the Infinite Sources of Ascended Creative Live and Living of the Avatar Mother Universal Centers.  These Centers are the sources of the many Universal Cities which are the sources of the Universal Living Creation Civilization.
Recognizing the ultimate purpose of this planetary/universal system is the way to maximize one's participation in it as it evolves into the future of fulfillment.
Adi Avatar


The EarthStarNation is now beginning to be created by the starseeds of this planet, and to become the ascending master community which is co-creating this planet's Universal Living Creation Civilization.

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