New Evolutions...Magical!

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The Drums of New Awakened Souls have Come Alive

With the presence of True Divinity Entering

From the top of their heads in strands of Beautiful

Pearl White and Emerald Green Lights throughout

the rest of their Bodies perfectly.

Knowing that their whole selves were

Opening Up to Grace that is spreading

Easily through Everyone.

The Honey candle of Light surrendered into the Holy Ground of

Yesterday in the Evening’s moonlight.

The Flowers were becoming Brighter colors of Purple and Orange today in solitude.

The Purification of all olden times came to a close.

The new guides of Bright Lights and Love from the

Stars came shining back in to meet everyone like old friends.

(<*****>) (<****>)(<*****>)(<*****>)(<*****>)(<*****>)(<*****>)(<*****>)(<*****>)(<*****>)

Colors of Love surround those who believe in the Power of Roses

Hidden Deep within Deep, Poetic Music Coming Alive with Passion.

To Live with Authenticity is to Serve A Higher Purpose. To Surrender Your Whole Self,

Wrapped Tenderly, yet Strongly within the Stars above

trusting their eyes are of Pure Love,

Watching over us all as we shift into higher frequencies of Light.


The rains where you used to be buried are becoming clearer. 

The sorrow that you spent is releasing from your whole heart peacefully.

The shadows that were once doubtful and fearful are dissipating quite profoundly.

With your opening you are rebirthing the other side of yourself that is wanting to come out to play.

You are Becoming Refreshed and Revitalized. 

Your Senses have Piqued and notice many more than you used to.

Your Eyes have found a New Shelter to partake in;

More Brilliant Colors of Insightful Inqueries and Beautiful Magic come within. 

You are on a New Journey. You have come to be More than just a Human;

You are a Spiritual Being working to Bring Light, Love & Truth upon

this becoming Higher Vibrating Planet Earth.