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New Member / NDE Ascension ?

I am a new member to the sight who has been studying/researching a wide range of subjects that continue to lead me in this direction- ever since a personal experience about 9 years ago..I am particularly interested in the topic of Near Death Experiences because many of my researches are based on visions/experiences I had while leaving/outside of my body.

as far as introductions go- I hope this was a decent one, I am particularly interested in meeting with people who want to discuss the physical/mental/emotional side effects of communing with the creator and experiencing extra terrestrial geometrical psycho-physical sensations in the mind while the physical body is dead/unconscious/seizing/heart attack etc.


thanks for the time.


may you all be blessed in Christ.

Wolf Hongo
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You're in the right place

Welcome to the site! You've certainly chosen one of the best if these are your interests.
While i can't say my physical body has died or seizured I have experienced many times what some might call a higher state in meditation and shamanism. This includes interacting with my higher self entities that some might consider extra terrestrial, or angelic.
This isn't uncommon, in fact it's inherent in all of us as beings of love. 

Hope this site can bring you the comfort and learning it has brought me!


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What kind of experiences did you get?

The Near death experiences are neat, the transfigure a lot of information within us, I'm wondering if you have ever encountered other dimensional beings and interacted with em while in or out of body. I still can't explain the one that I met, what he wanted to tell me, or what he was for but it was quite a trip. The psycho physical sensations in the mind, I called that psycho navigation, when the brain chemistry changes and alters are states of perception, then there is that semi-unconscious waking state where it feels like your in a dream and walking around interacting with anything, everything gets direct at you and you can experience higher states within those interactions. Once you get good at it you can be fully conscious and just keep on expanding the experiences by going deep within your memory, you then unlock some codons and DNA and start walking in another reality all together where everything is advance and feels beyond the normal scope of perceptions. You are then guided by a higher source or what you call creator and can get many ways to interact with your higher self or an ongoing contact experience till you meet other dimensional beings after a lot of time in those states. I'm wondering what kind of experience did you get, the out of body I always wanted to experience that but I'm stuck in this one it's to bad, anyhow if you want to share I wouldent mind hearing about it Thanks Be at One.


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I remember an NDE when I was

I remember an NDE when I was younger. I always thought dying would be something unpleasant, but it was surprisingly comfortable. It was the most Peaceful I had felt in a long time, and was kind of a disappointment that I didn't get to stay.

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The 1st time (seizure)

This was not, shall we say, an entirely pleasant experience. My body underwent 3 seizures in 3 weeks time, and oddly enough, they all happened on a Tuesday, the 3rd day of the week (;) 

the first of the 3 took my life, and as I had never had a seizure before, I had no idea what was taking place. I was outside of my parked car, reaching through the passenger window when my entire body began to convulse uncontrollably. 

It eventually began to feel as if my entire body had to continue moving, or else "I would die," - yet somehow I was conscious that God must understand this concept of ceaseless movement- however at some point I was no longer in my body just moving- moving moving, and getting hotter and hotter and hotter until I felt an explosion- I at first became, then saw a glowing hold 120 UVG polyhedron charged with energy. Just as I became fearful that I was in hell, I underwent the sensation of becoming a drop of water-first forming and then falling- where a flower would bloom. I heard my own voice (yet not me) say 3 times "I AM GOD. I AM GOD. I AM GOD" and as the mist parted, in the distance, I could see the Earth, but it looked far different than NASA or Google earth would show it- the colors were a brighter blue, there were pinks/purples in the clouds and the green- was far more lush- I then began my descent- the earth came closer and closer until I stood on a street- time was passing by strangely- (like a warp) the further I walked, all of the familiar faces- their clothes eventually became more modern, and then- there I was, back in my body- with 2 people standing over me arguing about wether to pretend they didn't know me when they called the police and if they should cover my body. 

With me, I brought back knowledge from outside of myself, that had been within myself, I have carried since the beginning of time. I also had a keen understanding that the clear message I brought back with me was not for everyone, but for a select few who were READY to hear it.

During the 3rd and final seizure, I was transported to the cross- I felt no pain, but I knew right away the love of our savior Jesus Christ, had for the world, as he was crucified- I begged my husband at the time to call 911 (which oddly never happened) for fear of that intense heat coming over me again, but this time, I remained physically present- sort of, but did declare, while cursing him, "Michael is coming". That day I remember a strong sense of- if I could only look at my child's face, everything would be alright. That was 2005- he was an infant at the time, and I have had to fight for every moment I have had with him since- as the world has tried to take him away from me.

The one message I have been licensed to share with you all is this- REMEMBER THE CHILDREN. They are what is most important, and we MUST TEACH THEM LOVE AND FORGIVENESS.

My second death was not painful, and I will write about it another time, but I wanted to share the experience that first led me in the path of "leaving no stone unturned" for the minds who inquired of it.

As far as my contact with this "extra-terrestrial".. They remain within AND without, and whenever my heart is right, or my ears would listen, I can always speak with the Father in Heaven and receive guidance, by Christ Jesus- The Way, The Truth, and the Light.

Be blessed.

-=Faith, Hope, Love, Truth, Light=-        "to them gave he power to become the sons of God,"



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Yes seizures must not be the most pleasent

I experienced similar, the heat in the body till the explosion, I got that once in a hospital bed, my body locked down after and intense noises came about within and I was trying to get away from it I was litteraly going out of body but did not let the process finish its painful and intense at times it happened again about 3 more times but I just did not let it go as far as the first time, its too intense when it explodes. When you die its softer you leave your body without noticing almost a soft flow goes trough you and brings you upwards I experienced the start but still did not finish the process. Maybe sometimes it gets harder to because another time when I was in the hospital I was relaxing in bed and an old woman was across my room in a bed and I heard an intense scream in my eras and notice she had die silently the next day or maybe she didn't die I dont remember really well but that scream was so loud I though my eardrums where going to explode but it was not an outside noise it was inside. There are many that are able to leave there body and other souls on the other side roaming around two of em interacted with me once it was interesting not at the same time this was at different times in the years 2011 2012. And yes you got that right the children are important if they learn all they need to learn before we cross over they'll have more knowledge on living in peace and harmony with not only the physical but metaphysical or heaven nirvana side of things we can help each other out. Just the more we can experience the better because they never let up the experiences and somethings gotta be learned not ignored or feared so evolution can go on further in a more pleasant direction. Well thanks for sharing that experience of you going in space and seeing earth sounds really interesting, it must be a lot more different then just picturing it in your head or having a vision since your metaphysical body is actually at that space in time.

Have a good day Love and Light


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Hello B3CKVH84

Welcome and I hope you get something out of this community.

I am also interested in NDE! For me it's all about becoming One with what some are calling Prime Creator.

So here is a link I found yesterday. It's amazing: This shaman volunteered in NM-University


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Broken Link?

I was unable to access the link due to some type of error. Is the URL correct?

-=Faith, Hope, Love, Truth, Light=-        "to them gave he power to become the sons of God,"



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Sorry, this should work:

If not, it's:  Patricio Dominguez: The high dose experience

Enjoy it

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Have you got any good trips in your life? Surely you got some good experiences in it, anything out of the normal scope of things lately? I wonder if you have ever tried DMT I know we produce some and it can get stronger after a whole lot of days being awake, have you got any experiences to share you got good videos I'm wondering whats your work you must be retired now right? well anyhow have a good one, let me know when you read this thanks


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Hi Mario I remember you. Good to hear from you, my friend!

I'm back from my trip. Once I invited people from GFP to join me. As far as I remember you were the only one who responded. I really don't care. I wanted to check about the integrity of all those 'ascended masters & Co.' So I commented on Sheldon Nidle and Salsa recently when I saw that I am not the only one seeing them as dis-informant. I found a really good link:

Back to your questions.

I think you are referring on trips through hallo-drugs. That's now 40+ years ago. Then in '71 I started my 'spiritual trip with TM. Open this and that 'guy' is telling exactly what I think about DMT: (start at the beginning or 2 min into it). Tell me about your respond to Bashar if you will, Mario.

So I am not into chemicals. And me as a DYI guy? I don't have a lab, no money for that.

You might have opened the link I mentioned in my comment to B3CKVH84.

That guy is real to me. He experienced the Prime Creator while on GFP it's just all talk and feel good words. If you plan on having a trip: For me that Patricio is so relevant when he's talking about 'set and setting'. And when Bashar is talking about that a one time experience is enough.... Hey: You might be able to remember that one time. But Mario: Don't remember all your experiences (you won't be able to do that!) - remember your feeling, the deep feeling inside beyond all the ordinary feelings!

What do I do to put this all together? Recently I started focusing on the Shri Yantra Mandala and I am able to go 'on a trip': All those colors I can create after that 20 min session? They turn all electric shining, glittering and you know the mental movie is kaleidoscopic and -whenever I want- fractal.

It's a guided meditation and you -like I am now for 2 or so weeks- can be a member of that community. It's free and they are more interactive than those who are exposed to all those GFP articles. (roll all the way, take a tour, click on activities and then on reality bending course) Let me know, Mario. They are there for you, meet Mona (who is waiting for my reply by the way). I know you like to interact. There you find a community! Here you'll not find me that long anymore. Let me know, if you got to their article about the wedge in (y)our brain

Back to your questions: A report of my last trip (without any unnatural DMT!)? Thanks for your interest, Mario. I like to tell you about that – that was amazing! A part of my 5hr session is ready to send out. I am not on facebook and all of that. I am already too long on Internet. Here is no more my email address:

Your last question: I retired from my garden last fall, will hire myself again soon. And I am retired from corporate US for a long, long time (2001). And there is a reason for that: You don't need to watch all 9 hrs. I didn't want it but I couldn't stop … and in the end I danced with him!

If you watch it: Let me know your opinion about preparedness. Tell me, Mario: What's more important: Being sovereign or being on Internet with all those opinions and recalls!


Enjoy yourself

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Well Thanks for your reply

Bashtar, that video makes sense whaterver state you got in while experiencing with drugs or meditation you can get back to it by feeling what you where feeling in that moment. It makes sense because I can get to that particular state sometimes each interval or experiences I get trough my life I can recall back that feeling and enter another state most of the time it happens spontaineously. You made me remember an experience that I got that was quite intense no drugs no nothing just probly magnetic vortexes and rituals but this was not normal it was an activation almost a training for super intelligence and communication in (   ) I don't know what to call it... For 1 week and a half I got into some state of being and it felt secretive. I got into a massive meditation after two months of codings and activations, visions. It just spontaineously happened and everything started unfolding around that particular activation it was not easy it was extraordinaire but not easy... I live in a house with three floors and a lot of electrical appliances and old electricals in the walls. I'm not sure what happened because my memory got lesser and lesser once they admited me to the hospital after that week and a half before I would actually die for good. I had extreme reflexes unreal and extreme motor cognition and spec on accuracy on whaterver hell I was doing... I have the concept of what I had to hold up, let me explain if you want to learn more....

You know about haarp and the kind of technological ways it can function plus the earths magnetics and the suns effect (waves) or solar vortexes... After that meditation I got into I was in it for about 3hours maybe more and it was intense I live on the top floor of my house and everything started to heat up by extremes my mom and dad was even affected by my meditation it affected their vibrational frequency and they don't even remember seeing and talking to me while I was meditating and adjusting the two sides of my brain with hand movements and seals. It's like for that moment I had downloaded or unlocked all the previous knowledge i had learned in previous lives and it was powerful.

My house was the main vortex the core and it expanded beyond to out the village and each day that I was keeping up with it it would expand further and affect more and more people. Everything had to do with polarities and all of our magnetic fields. I remember it was like a brain a computer the core processor being the house and the mechanics of all other things was the outside animals humans birds by the hundreds, stars clouds, noises everything was being utilized. I would only have time to eat one portion per day and could not take more than 20min break maximum... And this was extremely fast movements and coordination charging up the fields like a memory vortex enabling me to view what was going to happen next. And every floor that I worked on would heat up and everytime I would work inside the outside was able to rest the ones that got affected by my field, It began with my parents they left to another place for about a week I did not see them back and I had two dogs inside with me, theyre the only reason that I was able to sleep for about 2hours a day that's 24 hour period.

I remember dying at first it started accelerating so fast, I was able to move around the house with extremely fast reflexes my arms and hands where moving like nonstop doing symboles and hitting precise parts of the house communicating trough subconscious memory and programming my dogs to get the training needed to work with me on this they learned extremely fast after 2 days in I could say 2 days. Every one that came in my house and communicated with me would loose their memory, and just go back out and not come back till 2 or 3 days the tv was spazing out at some points at 4am in the morning they would show me what seemed like pleadians blonde hair and blue eyes really nice they where making a commercial about hair growth but in that commercial they could speak to me directly and the tv would flash green a couple times and then Id have to go outside and my dog would be guiding me to kickstart my memory again and start building up on consciousness the clouds would be in the sky you wherent able to see stars and I would start moving fast again and almost dancing dooing rituals or whaterver it was pointing up at the sky and the clouds would open up holes where I did point and stars would be in back like communicating some kind of way trough another field that exist beyond the normal scope of things. Birds would come by the hundreds on my small yard and on the electrical wires pecking the transformers...

I mean It was so intense I just donèt know what it was for it kindof changed what I though was possible and made me feel like someone very important for quite a while. I knew peoples exact moves before they did it I could stair out a window at the precise time that something would happen and then just leave and keep on going... I don't know man its weird a lot of things that I just can't explain they could even communicate trough live shows theres to much details I can't It would take a while to be able to get all of it, there was this white truck parked close to my house all this time when it was happening for a while I backed out half way trough the experiement because I didn't want to loose or never see my family again for a long time... anyways I wish I could explain it but theres no way I... on the other side is the only explanation to view what was going on and probly the only way to get conscious about it.

Namaste have a good one I'm looking up on that site you mentioned gona go for that wedge in your brain article haha and the david Icke its long is there any parts specifically you want me to watch, thanks well talk again sometime

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I remember

When things where getting crazy outside (speeding up) things inside the house where getting slower and I could not discern only by the hot and cold the temperatures I had to monitor the temperatures we had air conditioners and this was affecting the electrical grids outside I had to balance the two and this was derive from a wide aspect (range) of things to keep in mind so I could view the *fields the new that I had never saw before a long time. The people where not people as we know it felt like guardians watching over me but in another dimension all together see when I died the first time I dematerialize to another space in time and this is when I felt extremely lonely everyone (thing) was not acting as before it was like a new place altogether. and at the end when I dematerialize once again I got sat on the couch and my mom was there and she needed to decode what I was dooing to get me to break free from that state and come back to reality but she brough me to the hospital instead and everyone that I was in contact with was going extremely fast a HIGH HIGH vibrational frequency they had attained enough time in the aspects to inquire on the abilities given by my meditation to download the apropriate settings for me not to loose my mind completly. The last dematerialization was (I was) spinning really fast tipping the focal points of awareness trough my arms and hands to create a field distorted by my magnetic frequency to ajust the temperament state that I was going out of wow. thats a ticker

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