New Moon In Scorpio: Deep Feelings And Making Adjustments

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by Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution

There will be a New Moon in Scorpio on November 18 at 11:42am Universal Time. This marks a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming lunar month, yet the astrological configurations at this time will be the strongest over the following two weeks leading up to the Full Moon on December 3.

We have been in Scorpio season since October 23. Although we will be going into Sagittarius season on November 21, Scorpio themes will still be active throughout this Lunar month due to this New Moon and other planets travelling through this sign. As mentioned in previous articles, Jupiter will be travelling through this sign for a year, which can help bring out more of its positive aspects.

Scorpio’s energies are deep, powerful, emotional, transformative, intense, sexual, investigative, suspicious, mysterious, hidden, and revealing. It is the sign of death and rebirth and can also be dark and fearful, which is something that Scorpio wants us to face. With Jupiter here, it may also help us to have positive experiences, or help us to overcome any of the challenging expressions, in relation to this sign. Scorpio also rules investments, inheritance, taxes, debts, and pooled/shared resources. During this last month and over the coming month, some people may experience some sort of developments or circumstances in those areas.

New Moon Quincunx Uranus and Semi-Sextile Saturn

In the days leading up to this New Moon, the Sun has been in a quincunx aspect with Uranus while it is also being carried into this upcoming lunar cycle. This could have brought, or will bring, some surprises, disruptions, changes, separations, complications with technology, or accidents. It shakes things up. For many people, it could be related to the Scorpio themes mentioned above. A similar Uranus energy has also been strong in the previous month, however, this current aspect can manifest in ways calling for us to make some adjustments due to new circumstances.

The good news is that this New Moon is in a tight semi-sextile to Saturn. Although this is not a particularly strong aspect, it can help us to be realistic, practical, disciplined, and productive, and can help us to focus while handling any changes or disruptions, as mentioned above. Saturn is also still somewhat in a trine with Uranus, which may call for us to be innovative and do things in new ways when it comes to our commitments, careers, responsibilities, or structures.

Scorpio Rulers Mars and Pluto in a Tense Square

Scorpio’s traditional ruler, Mars, is in a tight square with its modern sub-ruler, Pluto, at the time of this New Moon. This energy can help to give us a powerful and perhaps obsessive drive or desire, which in some cases can help us to overcome and break through challenges. However, many people will notice that their efforts or desires are being met with power struggles and conflicts. Combined with all the other Scorpio energy, this can also bring up intense emotions and suppressed feelings connected to the issues that arise.

With Mars being in Libra, these could have to do with partnerships and relationships, and relate to doing what is fair, balanced, and considerate. Although there can be the challenges and intensity, as mentioned above, in some cases this energy can also stimulate strong sexual passion among lovers.

Mercury Going Retrograde Soon, Neptune Going Direct

Mercury started its pre-shadow retrograde period on November 14 and will begin the actual retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3. Some of the developments happening in our lives between now and then will go through a ‘sorting out’ and ‘recalibrating’ process during the retrograde in December. These things may require adjustments or we can have realizations that they are not going to work due to previous unknown factors. We may also start to notice some of the well-known retrograde complications get stronger over the next few weeks.

Neptune has been retrograde since June and it is now currently appearing almost stationary in the sky, as it is about to go forward again on November 22. Some of the things that were going on at that time and since then may reach some sort of conclusion or different way of moving forward.

Considering that it is Neptune, it could have something to do with how we express creativity, spirituality, compassion, or selflessness, or could be related to delusions, escapism, avoidance, addictions, or being ungrounded. Some people may start to realize (or begun to realize in June) that they were not seeing a situation clearly or perhaps projecting illusions onto a situation going on in their life.

Making Intentions and Things to Consider During This Period

Is there any area of your life that is calling for transformation? What are your desires and deep emotions telling you? What adjustments or changes do you need to make in your life as a result of things that have transpired recently or near this New Moon? If you have been experiencing challenging changes, what do you need to do to stay on track or keep things functional? What does fairness and balance look like to you and what needs to be done to ensure that your actions achieve it?

These are just some examples of what your intentions can be oriented around, but they don’t need to be limited to them. The exact time of this New Moon will be at 11:42am Universal Time on November 18. You can click here to find out what that is in your time zone. It is best to make your intentions as close to the New Moon as possible and even up a half hour prior to when it occurs. If that is not possible, they can even be done within the first 24 hours following.

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