The New Universal Ascended Master of Creation Template

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Since around the year 2000, the original stellar and cosmic and universal life and constitution of the mirriad starseeds and lightworkers incarnated on Earth has been withdrawn to allow the all new and original ascended planetary/universal life and constitution of all members of the New Earth to develop.


This has been a time of transition for the planet also, which included the annual upgrades from the 2000 millennial frequency and the subsequent yearly calendar ascending frequencies, especially from the 7-7-7 date through the 12-12-12 date, and culminating in the planetary/solar/galactic core alignment of 12-21-12.


Then we have been shifting much of the planetary grid and lightbody structures into the new universal ascended cycle of planetary destiny which is now proceeding rapidly to become the Avatar Planetary/Universal system for all of creation.


With the recent opening of the Stargate of the Mother Universe, and the introduction of the Avatar Planetary/Universal grid system by the Creator Avatar Race, the New Universal Ascended Master of Creation Template is now activated as the new living constitutional being of all members of the New Ascended Earth.


This Ascended New Earth Being of the planet and its members is already constituted as the Ascended Planetary/Universal Living Creation Organism which is effectively creating the new ascended creation civilization and itsascended interstellar/intergalactic/universal spacelife creation civilization.


By allowing this new universal ascended template to enter one’s life, one may more quickly live as the new universal ascended master of creation that one is.



Creating Your New Life in 2015 with Light

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Over the centuries in every generation there were only a few souls who could embody their Divinity. In the new year of 2015, the number of people who awaken to their true divine nature will be unprecedented. The level of creation that is possible will seem almost magical, yet it simply represents alignment with your most Divine, Eternal and Illuminated self.

In this year, you are able to create a new reality from fields of empowered Light weaving forms made up of qualities of higher consciousness. As you awaken into the Light of Divine Presence, you find freedom to soar above the mundane and yet create in clear practical ways. Working within these multidimensional levels allows you to bring Heaven to Earth. From this place you can receive the impulses of your soul’s gifts to activate in this lifetime.

In this year, you will come to know the power of the forces of Divine Light as a Tool for the Creation of your most Empowered Future. The dimensional shifts that have occurred opened the way for you to receive at a new level of frequency. You are here to see your dreams manifest, when they are desires coming forth from your soul to summon the energy that empowers you to bring your gifts into the world.

Empowered by Light

You are being gifted waves of Divine Illumination within Golden

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Activate the Pillar of Golden Light

You are being gifted waves of Divine Illumination within Golden Light. Your job is to direct these frequencies and empower your life in its flow!


The Archangels are here to initiate the power of awakening energy upon the Earth as the Golden Light flows throughout the world now. This Light of pure divinity contains all the elements of consciousness that are so desired by those living on the Earth such as Peace, Love, Joy, Creativity, Freedom and Abundance.

In harmony with the Solar Ray of Gold, there is a presence you can invoke as the illumination of celestial forces integrating with human. It is a beautiful Pillar of Golden Light carrying the Christed presence so you can fill your inner being with the golden essence of Divine Love.

The mighty Pillar of Golden Light contains all these qualities of divinity that each person needs to live as a blended being, bringing your most Divine Self into your physical body. As you live in this light, you are activating these qualities into the fabric of your physical body and elevating your consciousness, thus becoming a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

As you invite the Golden Pillar of Light frequencies to flood your being, you are activating the presence of Divine Love into every cell. These filaments of Divine Light are changing your DNA by building a body with new crystalline structures that resonates at the higher vibrations. These qualities are living frequencies of energy that can be used to activate those energies within your body. As you purposely bring the Golden Light into your being, it activates the cellular structures as it transforms your DNA.

11:22 – We Have Transitioned To Building The New

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I FEEL we have transitioned.  We (I) used to see 11:11 soooo much.  Now I’m seeing 11:22 sooo much.  From the following I’m getting that the anchors have been set and now we are clear to make it what we wish.  Manifestation between thought and it’s occurrence into the physical will be greatly accelerated.

11 = Birthing and anchoring the New.
22 = Building upon the New. Building New Lives and a New World.