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‪#‎NEWS‬: THE DAKOTA 38 + 2 MEMORIAL RIDE ON ANNUAL JOURNEY TO MANKATO, MINNESOTA. "What a beautiful beginning, the riders circled the children and made prayers for our upcoming generations. Riders from many Dakota nations arrived, so humbling." -Dakota 38 https://goo.gl/WHNkvl (*note: this Ride is different from, but equally awesome to the Chief Bigfoot Band Memorial Ride Omaka Tokatakiya / Future Generations Ride)

• Native Sun Newshttps://goo.gl/Wd6vFe
• Indian Country Today Media Networkhttp://goo.gl/tNK69h
• BringMeTheNewshttp://goo.gl/MUNHdi
• Dakota 38 - Full Movie in HD: https://youtu.be/1pX6FBSUyQI
• Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride Supporters: https://goo.gl/adRl1A
• Dakota 38 + 2 GoFundMewww.gofundme.com/ha8d4vgc 
• Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride 2015 Map: https://goo.gl/JdkwYA

THANK YOU, Jim Miller for FOLLOWING-THRU with YOUR DREAM to CREATE HEALING & RECONCILIATION! “Today the riders will gather in Lower Brule, SD along the banks of the Missouri River as seen in the dream. He didn't know why but just followed the dream and later learned that many Dakota women, children and elders were exiled to this area transporting them by river boats to a POW camp. Tomorrow the riders will begin the journey to Mankato, MN. Please say a prayer for safety, good health for the riders and horses and for healing.” -Dakota 38, December 9th, 2015 ‪#‎HEALING‬ ‪#‎RECONCILIATION‬ ‪#‎DAKOTA38plus2‬