#NEWS: "The draft Environmental Impact Report on the Crystal Geyser project has been released by Siskiyou County."​ #MOUNTSHASTA ❤

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#NEWS: "The draft Environmental Impact Report on the Crystal Geyser project has been released by Siskiyou County. The entire report can be downloaded at the County project web site HERE: Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the files. This is a lot of stuff to read, pick the area you are concerned about and please study. We are now going over these finding carefully and forwarding to our consultants and lawyers. W.A.T.E.R. is planning to have a community forum soon to go over these reports and discuss the findings and how we should respond." 

#NEWS "Amnesty International USA to Observe North Dakota Pipeline Protests" #noDAPL #PEACE ❤

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AUGUST 25, 2016


Amnesty International USA to Observe North Dakota Pipeline Protests

As a federal court issues a decision regarding whether construction of a disputed pipeline can go forward, Amnesty International USA has sent a delegation of human rights observers to monitor the response of law enforcement to protests by Indigenous communities in North Dakota.

Thousands of people have gathered in recent weeks at the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline at the border of North and South Dakota, close to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. State law enforcement has removed state-owned water tanks that have served as the main supply of drinking water for the encampment, citing public safety concerns. 29 people have been arrested in the past two weeks.

AIUSA sent a letter today to the North Dakota Highway Patrol and the Morton County Sheriff Department notifying them of the delegation and outlining how authorities are required to act in accordance with international human rights standards and the U.S. Constitution during the policing of protests.

“It is the legitimate right of people to peacefully express their opinion,” the letter reads. “Public assemblies should not be considered as the ‘enemy.’ The command hierarchy must convey a clear message to law enforcement officials that their task is to facilitate and not to restrict a peaceful public assembly.“

#NEWS "Standing Rock Sioux Chairman: Dakota Access Pipeline "Is Threatening the Lives of My Tribe" " ❤

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‪#‎NEWS‬: THE DAKOTA 38 + 2 MEMORIAL RIDE ON ANNUAL JOURNEY TO MANKATO, MINNESOTA. "What a beautiful beginning, the riders circled the children and made prayers for our upcoming generations. Riders from many Dakota nations arrived, so humbling." -Dakota 38 (*note: this Ride is different from, but equally awesome to the Chief Bigfoot Band Memorial Ride Omaka Tokatakiya / Future Generations Ride)


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I noticed the site changed QUITE a BIT Lately. Where did all of the channelers and space info wind up? Looking for an update here. Seems the SPP Alliance is quite busy chasing down so called "war criminals big and small". Whatever happened to chasing down the bankers and thier like? Now its all about news from CHINA as if the new upcoming changes are all coming from there. Such an action would make any changes to a living minimum wage useless. Products are already emported en mass from China and they are making us sick.The shortcuts used to make these goods are poisoning us. This is NOT what we should be promoting. China does not have the stringent heath standards that the US has on goods. The US needs to become a producer of goods again.That is what will boost the economy and we are being undercut daily by low-income labor and CHEEP Chinese imported goods.


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