No matter - just love

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There is something the matter with the concept of matter.  The rock solid fixed material comforts that we have are made of 99% space.  We are told that space contains nothing but space - prior times had a concept called the aether.  There seems to be a force in nature that defies the explanation of conventional physics.  In reality - matter is but a standing wave and nothing is solid except our projections.

We are conscious water beings of the fifth dimension.  Water is alive and conscious at the level of individual water atoms - they align together by the millions and billions to persuade the rest of matter to be realized.  Water bonds to water in a communications lattice that forms tetrahedral shapes, according to sacred geometry.  Since like attracts like - we gather here at the Galactic Free Press acquiring a critical mass of love = to sweep peace into the domain.  We are all alike and we attract to each other.

Each of us has our individual role to play - we are divine.  Our leaders are ourselves - you have the intuition to make the proper choices for you, and then for we, but not for me - i must choose to stand with you , if i am with you.  We are all with MotherGod and FatherGod, because they are just like us - each divine in their own human sense.  It is not their responsibility to tell us what to do - they are busy doing the things that they have to do.  As real persons, divine like us, each in our own way.

Each in our own weigh.  To weigh is to balance and to pass judgment.  We all need to think for ourselves - to come up with reasonable explanation that satisfies us, or something that we can believe in without explanation - solely by love.  When you grok that the Eskimos have 25 words for snow - how many meanings do we assign to the same word love?  I love you.  I do.  When i say love, it is agape rather than eros.  Love is being able to achieve a level of self-direction that makes you feel real good.  You have to discriminate to choose what you want your experience to be.  We choose love, unconditionally every moment.

The 3D whirled is spinning off axis - the drive to turn syria into sand castles will not succeed.  The start of the new comes by not accepting the old weigh - our people are massing love.  We need to think in longer terms of what a day brings - each tree day is a collection of 64 sidereal days - each has a focus and an illusion.  We come into focus with a group symmetry based on love ever present - we must say no to each other with love, not fear, not hatred,  We are one with our water as a common factor - it is the dawning of the age of Aquarius - the water bearer.

Lemme guide us all in the best weigh possible - to think for yourself and to come to the light conclusion.

Namaste' with love



Resonating with this message of love

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The Truth sings in my Heart..

 We are the Ones we've been waiting for. 

The Divine Children of New Earth. 

In this Present moment and forever 

Love to you <3 And all of US. WE ARE ONE.