An Old School Friend from the Old Days

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God said:

Beloved, the world, as you know it, is full of comparisons. You see everything bouncing off something else. Today is cold. Yesterday was colder. Or today is bleak, and yesterday was sun-filled.

If today could just be what it is without reference to another time or a more dazzling time, how much happier you would be… maybe!

You deserve Happiness. It is My Desire that you be happy. So long as you make comparisons, it’s harder for you to recognize happiness when it is right in front of you.

Once upon a time, you were young. Once upon a time, you had your whole life ahead of you. Now, you’re not sure where your life is or what is its status. You’re not even sure that your life is up and running. Not at all sure are you where you are and what you’re doing or supposed to be doing or not doing. Once your life was spelled out before you. Now it may not even be current. At the least, you’re not sure that life in the world is even adjacent to you. You’re not sure you’re a player any longer. You don’t seem to be able to put your finger on your exact life any longer. It’s a mystery where you actually hang out.

Now it may seem like life is rag-tail. It’s hard to know your connection, if any, to life in the so-called world. Did you forget where you left off? It’s possible that you are just parked somewhere in a forgotten spot. You just can’t find where you parked your car anyway. Are you possibly Rip Van Winkle from another time and space? You may be trying to catch up to yourself in Time and Space. Certainly, you used to be around. You are unsure about today or that it matters what day it is and where you are going, if anywhere, or, if you are even going somewhere or another or just to and fro.

Life may seem to be covered in fog. You wait for the Sun to come out. Are you looking in the wrong place? Are you somewhere unknown without your name tag?

Were you in the middle of counting something, but what? Does it even matter? Were you counting sheep or learning arithmetic and perhaps reciting a poem or two that wandered off across the horizon?

What are you trying to catch up to? Are you perhaps trying to start all over? You seek purpose, and you haven't quite located it. Are you too far ahead or too far behind?

What do you think you are looking for? Are you lost somewhere in time and space, or did you already say that?

Once upon a time, you were highly connected to life. You thought life was very much a part of you. You were certain you were on and on about the Universe. Now you wonder what daze you are in. Something happened or didn’t happen that was supposed to. You’re not sure what. Hmm. You don’t know what to make of it. Did someone forget to wind the clock? Was it you?

Do birds continue to sing? Do flowers blossom, and is honey sweet on the tongue? Do bees still make honey? Do grapes still grow on the vine? Where does Nature abide these days? What happened to making sense? Has it been put on a forgotten shelf? Is something amiss, or are you the only one who wonders? You can’t even find yourself. You must be looking in the wrong place. Are you misbegotten, or it is the world that has turned upside down? You wonder if it even matters at all what is what. Perhaps you will come across yourself tomorrow or the next day and meet yourself waiting at a bus stop somewhere like an old school friend you long to meet once again from long across the desert sands.

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