For One Moment in Eternity

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God said:

Look, hearing Me is a natural thing. You hear your own voice blabbing much of the time. You can tune into My station easily. No need to wrench yourself over to My station. You can’t make a loud noise over My Voice. You don’t have to work at getting My attention. Simply invite Me to come where I always am. It is not that you have to ask Me for something. Just come sit down with Me. Here, let Me pull up a chair for you.

If you want, simply tell Me about you! Tell Me what makes you tick. Tell me what moves your heart. Tell Me what you would like to be and what you would like your Life to look like.

We don’t have to be on a foray. There is no need to plan what you’re going to tell me. Find out for yourself what your heart wants to say. Never mind about showing off your intellect. You don’t have to impress me. I already love your Being. I already love Being with you. We can even sit in Silence. That’s fine with Me. There are no preparations to make.

You are not here to perform before Me. Be as simple as you like. Just sit beside Me. Beside Me is fine. You don’t have to sit at My feet or make any kind of formal introduction.

I already know you to the core. I know the beat of your heart. I love it when you stride right up to Me to say whatever pops out from your mouth. No outlines. No rehearsal. Simply your Being here with Me. I ask for no more than your Presence. Talk My ear off if you like. That is just fine with me, as fine as Silence or a song you might sing for me, an unrehearsed song. Or tell me a story. If you play the drums, go ahead and play the drums for Me. Whatever you like to do, let Me enjoy it with you.

Never do I look for virtuosos only. You must know that. Talk to Me in any language you know. Talk to Me in no language. That’s fine with Me too. Open up all your wavelengths to Me.

If you are a babe in arms, I will enjoy you.

If you are a mother cooking supper, be My guest. Talk to Me. Say anything you want. Tell Me a recipe. That We are approachable – this makes Me happy. Make Me happy the same as I would love to give you happiness. Our Being together makes Me happy. Let Us join each other. Let Us Unite. Let’s dance together. Let Us delight in one another. Let Us become used to each other and to everyone else on this Earth. Here We go. We give no thought to excellence. We simply look at each other.

Ah, yes, let’s consult with each other. Let’s talk over whatever you would like to. This is not a court martial or anything like that. My door is always open. My heart, too. I ask you to let Me get to know you just as you are. No formalities, please. There is no formality to Our Being together.

There is Our familiarity, however. We have known each other all along. We have known each other Infinitely, for We are intimate Friends of the Heart. We are not long-lost brothers or anything like that. We are continuing friends.

You may have thought We spent time apart, yet that is not so. We have always have been One. This is not a new development. We are from the old country, as it is said. We have never been apart.

It may be that you have just forgotten Our Oneness for one moment in Eternity.

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