The Oracle Report ~ December 17

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By:, 12/17/2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Full Moon Phase: illumination, fulfillment, realization, shadow, experiences

Moon: Gemini/Cancer

Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas

AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013

That was great fun!  Many thanks to everyone who participated into today's meditation.  If you didn't join us this morning, but want to add your energy to it, you can still do the meditation (posted below for easy reference).  This will empower the already-strong wave/channel even more.  This effort is par excellence.

So the fun is joining together not just with fellow human beings, but also with divine beings.  It is a special day when we collaborate to help bring freedom of the human mind to actualize humanity's potential.  More and more people will be releasing themselves from the cage of fear.  They are seeing that it's safe to leave - and not just that; there's a party going on out there!

The immediate effect for us individually is the boost to our own awareness.  Messages, insight, and information from "on high" are flooding in.  The catalyst for these communications is through signs, symbols, patterns, and synchronicities.  It especially strong with music.  This luminous Full Moon phase offers us a treasure trove of wisdom that continues through the Disseminating Moon phase.  Remember that we are in the time of year when communication, sharing, and feedback is heightened.  The inner and outer voices speak.

Keep in mind also that Uranus stations direct today.  We saw the beginning of this yesterday, but today is the full impact.  When a planet stations direct, the energy is like a slingshot being released.  By its nature, Uranus jolts and jangles us anyway, so today can be crazy.  Uranus is the Planet of Change and it usually operates fast and unexpectedly.  Any changes that are underway in our lives are happening to rectify and correct things.

The Moon will move into Cancer later today, joining Jupiter and the Black Moon and giving Cancers and Capricorns and those with the Black Moon in Cancer and Capricorn one of those opportunities to regenerate themselves.  Remember to rest when you feel the need.  This is a sign that the Black Moon has work to do on you.  Surrender and accept as gracefully as possible.  Remember also that you are in the process of an energetic rebirth and the transit of the Black Moon does end.

Today is all about sculpting a vision - bringing something to life.  And it is full-blown.  This works best today when we are playful about it.  For a long time, stress and burden (opposites of play) have been pushed into today's energetics.  Let's use all we've got (and we've got the power of Uranus stationing direct!) to re-imprint or re-infuse it toward fun, play, an the creativity of imagination.

December 17, 2013 Group Meditation:

As usual with all Oracle Report group meditations, there is no dogma and there are no constraints.  The idea is to personalize the meditation according to how you like to do things.  Personalization empowers the effort because it draws on one's own mind - one's own creativity.  The commonality is the intention.  And it should be fun, not a chore.  So the general process is:

  • Put up your preferred method of protection and connect or "ground" yourself with the Earth.  I like to envision a shaft of light (like on the Star Trek transporter pad, for long-time readers) surrounding me and extending into the Earth.
  • Build up a wave of love in your heart (heart fire or love arrow, etc.).  Blast or shoot it out into the Earth and then send it through space toward the center of the galaxy.  Gaia-Sophia and the Sabaoth (the Sun) will add to it as it moves.  It's a group effort, indeed.