The Oracle Report for Friday, December 13, 2013

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By:, 12/13/2013

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, process, digest


Moon: Taurus


Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas


AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013


Arrows of love are flying today as the Sun in Sagittarius, the Archer, makes a conjunction with Cupido (Cupid).  The Sun is on approach to conjunction with the Galactic Center - home of love.


This energetic volley reminds us that life is supposed to be happy.  Of course there are tribulations and trauma (because we are enacting free will), but because we feel separated from our source, we have forgotten what real living is like.  Today we have an opportunity to remember.  To do this, we need only be receptive to something beautiful entering our lives.


Being awake and in the matrix, we utilize the shamanic technique of being like a wise owl in a tree.  We walk around and interact but we are semi-detached from all that is going on around us in the matrix.  However, at the same time, we are fully immersed in our connection with the planet.  Wise owls do not put their full attention on the insanity of the matrix.  We watch it from a different level.  Our awareness is high up in a tree while we are firmly rooted in the earth.  In this way we are both owl and tree.


When you come from this orientation, the magic of the natural world comes alive and responds to you.  Real life begins.


Energetically, we are drawing closer to the spiritual realm.  This brings the opportunity for dissemination of important information, frequencies, directives, solutions, symbols, and power.  Remember that we are in the "disseminating" time of year - the lunar month that is like a long Disseminating Moon Phase, where we share with others and receive feedback.  Well, the Galactic Center is sharing with us and we are receiving feedback.


To get in range or facilitate this, there are several things we can do.  1) We can bring forth the child-like part of ourselves by doing something we loved to do as a child (or wanted to do).  Wonderment is a big part of this.  2) We can turn our attention to nature.  Amazement opens our hearts and minds.  3) We can shine a light.  Hope is the fuel of dreams.


Incidentally, this energetic happens every year and it's the origin of the ancient stories that have turned into today's notion of Santa Claus.


There is an element of "solitude" that underpins this energy.  It has been exploited over time to be "loneliness."  We are never truly alone, but the pure form of this energy assists us to go deep inside ourselves to connect with the spiritual world.  It's an internal thing.  But when minds are controlled toward division and fear, "internal" is "bad" and solitude becomes intolerable.  Don't buy into feeling lonely today.  It's a distraction.  Go inside yourself and see the world differently.


The Gibbous Moon phase starts today and tips off the volley of love arrows en route to us.  Gibbous phase is the magical phase, so we are all set.  Let's re-imprint this energy.  Wonderment, amazement, and hope - can you do it?