The Oracle Report for Friday, January 17, 2014

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Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, illumination, realization, shadow, experience


Moon: Leo


Ruling Mahavidya: Kali


This month's journey with the band of brothers turns into a strange trip today.  We find that instead of walking across the bridge, the bridge is transporting us.  We are passengers, seated on a glowing floor around our teacher, Kali.  In another place, the energetic fields of our physical and emotional bodies are being filtered through the prism, sorted into three categories: keep, transform, undecided.  Our consciousness is here attending class.


"Each of you is a rainbow bridge, a bridge to the flowering of humanity.  Your efforts are important.  But there is one thing that undermines your course - distraction by illusion.  Humanity, with its inherent code of sweetness, is easily fooled.  Fear is continually projected to keep you in the shadows, detached from your greatness, and distracted from manifesting and actualizing that greatness.


"Together, we are bringing down this illusion, this tyranny over the mind of humanity.  Systems based in power and control are dissolving all around.  It is a spectacle from which it is hard to turn away.  Destruction is mesmerizing.  This is where most people are getting stuck.  But look beyond to what's underneath.  The strength of thousands has upheld the truths of nature that were mostly eradicated.  These truths have resonated from your heart and your deep connection with nature herself.  They have formed the structure of the world that is emerging.


"At this point in time, where do you place your focus?  On what is dissolving or what is emerging?  Do you wish to live in fear of the transformation or do you choose to look deeper into it?"


The energies of this Full Moon phase continue to be complex.  Situations in our lives and in the world at large are re-arranging and we are along for the ride.  We are sorting out our thoughts and feelings trying to come to new understandings.  It's a healing process.  The Sun moves to the degree of Venus' retrograde, revisiting relationship issues and issues related to value/values. The forces of love and attraction are strong today, even to the point of recklessness.  There is an element to the energy where we are inclined to throw off all restrictions, limitations and inhibitions.  This is a wonderful thing if we maintain it within the principles of respect.


As good students of nature, Mother Nature, the Goddess Gaia Sophia, we are taking instruction from her emissary Kali today.  She is pointing out what lies beneath, calling forth the seeds of our souls that crave expression.  We are unique beings engaged in a process of transformation from the inside out and restoring a world from the inside out.  For this we are deeply loved and appreciated.