The Oracle Report for Monday, January 20, 2014

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By:, 01/20/2014

Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share, introspect, teach, learn


Moon: Virgo


Ruling Mahavidya: Kali


We find ourselves at the Disseminating phase of the Moon, far from where we started the journey back at the New Moon.  With our comrades, the band of brothers, we've met wise teachers and received lessons about the transformation of life, witnessed dark magicians setting up events, traveled through the shadowy underland of the Black Moon, fought off emotional whirlwinds with a Moon goddess, and now we find ourselves transporting over chasms while the light subtly shifts between the colors of the rainbow.  We have a panarama view of the landcape and we can see very far into the horizon.


Mars and Uranus are off to themselves, huddled around a point in the landscape.  They seem to be engaged in communication with someone remote.


The "colors" of energy shift today with the Sun's movement out of Capricorn and into Aquarius.  This is a dramatic change because Capricorn energy is heavy and restrictive, while Aquarius energy is airy and free.


Things "break loose" today. They become unstuck; they move forward instead of being mired.  If there is resistance to changes (transformation from things/us being one way to things/us being another way), pressure builds until released.  The release has potential to be aggressive because the core issue is the feeling of losing control.  Nothing thrives in a control environment.


Over the next four days (the duration of the Disseminating Moon phase), transformation is facilitated by sharing and communicating with others.  We've been under the influence of mass intensity this month, courtesy of the conjunction of Pluto and the New Moon on January 1.  The Sun's transit opposite the Black Moon has added a shadowy element.  Now, the Sun's movement into Aquarius shifts us out of that somewhat, helping us flow more fluidly with the changes that are underway in ourselves, our lives, and our world.  Talking with others and receiving/giving feedback is the primary mission during Disseminating phases.  Input from others helps clear our thinking.  A crucial part of this is accepting and respecting where others are in their own process, not trying to control the process.


Watch the changing of the light as the day grows.  It teaches us that things change according to perspective.