The Oracle Report for Saturday, February 15 – Sunday, February 16, 2014

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By:, 02/15/2014


Full Moon Phase: realization, fulfillment, illumination, shadow

Moon: Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi


A revitalization of something from the past occurs this weekend, putting an interest twist on situations.  From this we see what stands true, solid, and reliable.  The Sun and Mercury (which is retrograde) will conjunct today, bringing messages and information that is important to the alignment or course of our lives.  Be attentive to impulses toward books (especially ones you’ve read before or ones that involve ancient wisdom), interviews and podcasts, music (especially complex pieces), or gatherings (especially lectures and workshops).  Remember that nature is the greatest teacher, so be mindful of the animal kingdom.  We will be naturally drawn toward the messages we need.  These impulses will be strong at times.  It’s really fun to follow the trail that the universe brings us.


Not only are we sparked with information this weekend, we are sparked with creative inspiration.  If you are involved in a creative project, ideas will flow.


If you feel like you are back at the same place, doing the same thing over again, or falling into an old pattern, don’t turn away.  Look at it for what it is.  You don’t need to take action right now, necessarily, but face it.  This will alleviate a lot of problems later.  Let the energy deliver the revelation, insight, or understanding.


We come into union with the planet’s frequency by remembering that we are swimming in not just her currents of light, but also those of the galaxy.  We breathe in it, walk in it, talk in it, bathe in it, wield within it.  We are part of it.  It is always there whether we see it, feel it, or believe it exists.  No matter where we stand, it is with us.  Attaching to this notion – this principle – ensures sanity.  It implies safety.  Stay close to this frequency.  Realign and reconnect to the earth, Gaia Sophia, this weekend.  Let’s keep the celebration of love going!