The Oracle Report for Thursday, December 12, 2013

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By:, 12/12/2013

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action, grow, express


Moon: Aries/Taurus


Diamond Sky Dakinis Rule This Lunar Month, Not The Mahavidyas


AUDIO UPDATE 11/24/2013


The shape of things changes today, proffered by a change in our perspective.  Today's energy requires a shift in how we look at things.  From different perspectives, lenses, or angles, situations are different.  Feedback from others helps us see other sides.  Adopting another viewpoint will transform situations that seem "half empty" to "half full."  This isn't a trick of the mind.  It's a re-tuning - a recalibration - of the instruments of our minds.  In the process, we re-affirm our commitments to what we believe is truly of value.  We make adjustments.


Changing perspective may require us to go out on a limb.  If so, go out on branches and do dances.  In other words, wholeheartedly take things on.  Go all in.  Make it a dramatic leap.  Do it in honor of something greater than yourself.  Be reverent.


Statements and declarations made today have powerful effects that will linger into the future.  This makes today an ideal day to re-imprint this energy for the future.  Today Mercury, the planet of messages, information, and communication, contacts the degree of December 2, 2013's New Moon: a flag that turns into an eagle that crows.  Words spoken and actions taken today have massive impact.  Signals are given.  Gestures are symbolic.


Alongside these themes today, a certain degree of madness sweeps through the collective.  Things are unsettled with the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves and it is making people uncomfortable.  People who are rigidly fixed are experiencing the most distress.  Everything is off-kilter because people, places, and things are trying to come into equilibrium.  Off-kilter from the old power and control systems is a good thing.  But there is a great deal of fear because most do not know what is happening.


The return of the sacred masculine (what I like to call the return of the kings) is a heroic event.  Heroes are called to something larger than themselves.  It is superhuman to be super at being a human.  Let's heed the call.