The Oracle Report for Thursday, February 20, 2014

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By:, 02/20/2014

Third Quarter Moon

Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share, express, feedback


Moon in Scorpio


Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi



The music of the spheres, courtesy the Sun and Neptune, continues to ring truth today and a special message comes through.


While there is a confluence of astrological signatures converging today that presses feelings of disappointment, disillusionment, isolation, fear, failure, suffering, emptiness, waste, helplessness, lack, stinginess, and paralysis, there is a more powerful signature that reinforces the dissolution of these things.  We want to connect with this more powerful signature.


To do this, we focus on what feels GOOD!  It seems like a simple solution, and it is, but it means we suspend the “negative” feelings long enough to not only entertain the thought of what would make us happy at the moment, but also actually pursue it.


There is more happening with this than plain hedonism.  It’s about shifting frequency (mindset) on a day when the cosmos is disseminating massive information through light and sound.  We can hold more of the “download” if we are in an open/receptive state.  Being mired in the feelings listed above is not conducive.


If you believe that the negative feelings can’t be turned off, consider what you would do if the Universe gave you a “pass” today.  If someone came to you and said “Hey, I will do this for you for the day and it won’t be a problem at all,” what would you do?  Most would jump at the chance for a break.  But others may feel the negative feelings are deserved, so they would not.  What if that blessed soul said “In order to fulfill the mission, you must give this over to me?”  Would you do it then?  Truly this is what we have today.  So if you can’t suspend those feelings for yourself today, do it for the collective.  Pressure off.


The effect of this “day off” from negativity and switch to positivity will change the field.  Tomorrow will be different because of it.  Don’t be surprised if situations that are causing the negativity are resolved in some way.


What makes you happy?  The feeling is congruent with being in love with life and our creatrix Gaia Sophia.  Color a picture, take a photograph, drink a fine wine, cook a scrumptious meal, read a book, listen to a song, take a walk, pet a four-legged creature, make a child’s day, thank the Sun, wish on a star, share a story.  The wave we create today ripples through time.




This Message is Beautiful, Powerful and Clear

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Thank you for this beautiful message.  It is spot on for what is going on in my life and with in me today and yesterday.

This is also exactly in line with Aisha's Manuscript of Survival's Message for today!  Many Blessings to ALL!!