Our LOSS is our gain

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     The Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge and the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute announce the formation of the League of OAK Solution Scientists - LOSS.  The purpose of the League is to form an alliance to ask the pertinent questions that are not being asked.  I can think of at least a dozen questions that relate to the trashing of the planet and the lack of intention to clean up the mess.  What other species fouls their nest, then lies down and rolls in it?
     LOSS will collect scientists that are ready to answer some tough questions about life, the universe and everything.  LOSS will circulate a petition that addresses the lack of concern about exposed spent nuclear reactor rods, which have the potential to create Plutonium.  LOSS will ask the questions about geo-engineering - the idea that we can battle the sun by poisoning ourselves for Monstrosity profit.  LOSS will question the progress of removing oil from the open gash at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  Our LOSS is our gain.
     Doc will serve as the Commissioner of the League until there is a critical mass for the right leader to tarry forth.  Every person with a university of college science degree is eligible to apply to LOSS for membership - the e-mail address is losssolutions at gmail.com .  Activity will begin yesterday, major launch happens at self-existingyellow star, September 13 - two weeks.  (Queen & Bowie - Under Pressure)
     In addition to LOSS, there is the potential to develop other Leagues as well.  For everyone who wants to support LOSS, but doesn't qualify based on education, there is another way into the group.  The League of OAK Verisimilitude Evaluators will be the data collectors for the scientists (who live day after day with their heads in the clouds).  LOVE always finds a weigh.
     LOVE is the answer to the questions of how to change the world.  As the scientists question every bit of knowledge that we think we have, LOVE will measure the depth of human experience and bring about a change in the amplitude of the vibration.  The prism of life involves high-energy people doing and low-frequency people complaining.  It seems that changing perspective is the beginning of Peace.
     You can join us in LOVE at the same eddress as LOSS.  The two organizations will be a yin/yang of perspective - science and spirituality working together to determine truth.  The alteration of common reality  has got to make common sense - the tools that we develop through LOVE will make up the means to replace LOSS with GAIN - geographic amplification initiative : Numbers.  Once we figure out what is true and what is false in the scientific data base black bag, we can bring forth the zero-point energy of Tesla or the water flow energy of Victor Schauberger.  We can recover the wisdom of Walter Russell and remove the memory hole created by the sequestration of knowledge in the (pseudo-legal) patent system.
     But there is no GAIN until we experience LOSS and work through LOVE.  See ya soon.

Namaste'   doc

PS - perhaps we can also form Bloggers in the Ecosphere and add a BITE to the picture.



Great work!

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thanks for this very important information and please keep us informed! great work!

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