The Path of Love ā€“ A True Story from 3D

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The experiences I had in 2005 are making much more sense to me now. My self-imposed limiters are being removed as there is no longer a need for them, and my physical reality grows more beautiful and more magical every day. I came back to physicality in 2005 for a reason. I could have stayed in the place of oneness in love and bliss, while my physical body lived out its days locked away in hospital, a shell of its former self. I could have stayed in that place filled with the higher selves of the people I had left behind in physicality, and Iā€™m sure I would have adjusted to these strange versions of the people I already knew. But I truly loved the people in my life just the way they were back then. Yes, it is true that I loved the world, even in its seeming separation. I could not leave the physical versions of my loved ones behind. So I came back for my world, I came back for my friends and family, I even came back for my body. I came back to take it all with me to the place of oneness I had visited. My true guide through all of this is my heart, it really is the only guide I need. Even though my mind and the minds of those around me protested a lot, as they still do sometimes, my heart has not yet lead me astray.

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