Patience and Peace for the EVENT

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I responded to a msgl regarding a channeling regarding the Event that is uppermost on everyone's mind.  These are my thoughts, in response.

I too, was in this anxious state of waiting for the Event...and then stress of disbelief...and then joy...and then anxious waiting...and so the circle continued.  Until.

Until I reached a place of Knowing.  I remembered my childhood.  I remembered going through every day with the deep sense that everything I was going through was for a set purpose.  (I'd had a difficult childhood).  I remember having a strong sense/knowing that angels were all around me, all of the time, protecting and supporting me.  I didn't see or hear them...I just Felt them.  (Yes, I'm an empath).

When I was perhaps in my early teen years, I became 'aware' of a Truth that had been residing in me for always...and it had finally risen to the surface of my consciousness.

I knew that when I was older (and it felt like the middle of my life), that something was going to happen in the world.   Something incredible, and challenging, and life changing in a good way.   I was in preparation for that time.  For that time, is why I had been born.  That knowing was so strong and unwavering, that it has remained my anchor throughout my life.  Whenever I would begin to doubt…I would go to that place.

With adulthood, came all of the challenges, pressures, belief systems, conforming behaviors, husband and children’s expectations, and outside environmental disasters, crises, and angst that society was experiencing, and my government wanted me to be aware of.  I fell into it all, like a crashing wave slams me down onto the beach.  I floundered for a long time.  Then, I let go.  And instead of sinking, I floated.  As I floated, seemingly aimlessly, feeling without direction or purpose, the knowing entered me again.  That knowing that I had “forgotten” about.  I had pushed it back into the memories of my childhood.

I realized that it didn’t matter what was or was not happening in the world.  It did not matter how much money I did or didn’t have.  It did not matter if I had friends and family who understood and accepted me.  I didn’t even matter “when” the Event would happen.

The long sought after value that I was never able to master had finally come to me…Patience. (Ok, I still get impatient with my husband and children…but that is understandable!).

I had done a lot of inner seeking and spiritual work.  I had done Automatic Writing for 2 decades.  When my anxious questioning kept giving me the same answers over and over, I realized I needed to stop looking outside of myself for the answers.  Everything we need to know, already resides within us.  EVERYTHING.  We need to learn to trust ourselves, our own intuition.  Our guides have been trying to get us to understand this very important realization.  Until we do, they will continue to answer our many questions as best as they are able.

I no longer feel the need to read self-realization books, or seek help from channelers/psychics/etc.  I’m glad they were there for me, when I needed them.  But, now I Know.

We have everything we need.  We are exactly where we are supposed to be.  We are on our Path.  Whenever the event occurs, we will know what to do, we will have our support.

Until that time, continue your Journey friends.  Life each moment to the fullest.  Feel and experience Joy.  Feel and experience sadness.  Release your anger, jealousy, pain, fear, hatred.  Move ever forward to becoming a fully realized human being.

Until, you are.



events happen

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Nice resolution of inner turmoil. Patience is the highest virtue for a Human.

For Humanity the company of heaven has patience.