Peace Unto You

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God said:

I am telling you that it is not essential for you to be upset by what occurs in life. I understand you find things upsetting. Everyone finds certain things upsetting. What I am saying is that it is not necessary to let so many events get to you. I am suggesting that perhaps you can cut down on what you allow to upset you. Will you consider this as a favor to Me?

Your balance does not have to go off-kilter as often as it does. If you must get upset, perhaps you can ration upset and keep it for only special occasions?

How many times do you think you get upset on an average day? How many times are you upset with yourself, your computer, or anyone else? How many times does the same occurrence upset you over and over again?

Beloveds, it is possible that you can be less knocked around by what occurs. How upset do you need to be and how often?

Imagine a day without upset! A day without upset would be a day when you turn your back on upset.

When milk spills, and spill it will, what is it really that is so upsetting that you must get in a tizzy?

It is upsetting when you are around other people who are upset. Do you want to be an upsetter? I feel sure you would rather be one who gives peace to the world.

And when you are upset, you justify your upset! Upset can always be justified, and, yet, why oh why do you want to justify it? Is upset in others something you admire? Upset, no matter what the inciting event, is not an outside event. Upset is how you deal with the trigger that set you off. Yet it is you who pulls the trigger.

Peace unto you, My beloveds. What would it take for you to react less often and not to the degree you do? What would it take for your feathers not to get ruffled so easily?

If there were not upset, would there be wars?

A lot of upset comes from what you see as your proprietary rights. Someone cut across your lawn. Someone picked your flowers. Someone left litter on your sidewalk. I wish no one would cut across your yard or pick your flowers or leave litter on your sidewalk. If those who were inconsiderate had had more consideration for you, they would not. So what is it really that upsets you? That they picked your flowers or that they were not considerate of you and your feelings? Why is their modus operandi impinging on your happiness? Why are their failings turning you inside out or upside down? Why are they impacting your mood at all?

Perhaps you think you will always be upset when someone leaves litter. Is it possible that you can come to peace with it? Can you simply pick up the litter a litterer left? Can you simply be glad that you can bend down and pick up the candy wrapper?

I understand that you feel helpless to stop someone from doing it again, yet do you have to be helpless about what you do when you are infringed upon? Must you infringe on a good day because of someone else's impropriety? Are you not then copying them and infringing upon yourself?

Who is responsible for your good nature? You are.

Somehow find a way not to take so seriously that which is not so serious as you presently make out that it is. Find a way, beloveds.