Pictorial Amassity - Exchanging Energetic Cords

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Having Said This* With “Impartial Beliefs” on what this Totalisation CREATES for YOU - IN TIMES by remembering the HIGHER GRADED ASPECTS of CONTROL, OVER. We want to say that a particular guide post, concerning your Assimilations in a temporal Sphere (Within the Exact / Of the Exact Coordinates) - For Exchanges made by this Preamplified Processional Remixing. We want to tell you about how this Convoluted Prospection is Initiated, has been initiated, beyond the partial grid structures which works “Around Us” - To say the least WITHOUT expectations. We can come to a COnclusion of the WHEREABOUTS (INFORMATIONAL DOWNLOADS) acquitted for Beings of a Higher Mapping (Inherent) GUIDANCE SYSTEM* Localizations of what is temporarily in Effects (Effective Means to Understand) - Undulated Attachments TO BEINGS - WHO PICTORIALIZED (Creates from within themselves) - From a Structural Code (Emission - In other Words Yess, through the Pineal Activities). We can conclude how these Emissions are from subtle processional Remixings (Into - On out of your Questions) concerning the effects of what is CO-CREATED with Beings who are now (Off-World) in some cases (From your Perspective{S} and on OUT) - Decisions from Within Internal Accords (Assimilations) which condones upon IMPASSES within the ASSOCIATED FIELDS of Individuals who are Making (Having Made Remarks) Remarks Upon these Prospected Changes in the Etheric Cords of Energies AMASSED for Super-Impositional Mapping Systems. Which is The Guidance Found through a Locality (Sub-Structured Core Proponent) - Conduit of what we utilize to Term These Temporal Emissions (Off-of Cellular Grid Tracks) - Concerning (By/With the effects of Undulated Attachments).

Now these have HAPPENED ALL AT ONCE (HERE AND NOW) so to localize from a PROSPEROUS AMOUNT of Information Grid Tracks… We conclude by Equatorial Emissions send on out By YOU (IN THIS MOMENTUM) - And to Come Yess.

Having said this, we please you with every accords Imaginable to (Make) and Understand (Understatements) of the Intelligences which are running Over (The Overlay For contact Emissions) in a technological setting (The prime Creator “Libraries”) Akashic “Standings” nor-Less to say without Internal Accords (Summed-UP Prospections) from (Coming from an Internal Analysis).

We wish you Joy in the Day’s to Come (Have Been Succeeding in Temporal Management's {Increments} From “Disposed” - Dispositional Frequency Emissions) Equatorial To your Statuses (Strature) Internal Compound (Energetic Grid Signatures - Vibratory Rates and Temporal Emissions).

Namaste, Goodbye

From Me, I am the Author of 5 Books or One book and Four Continuums (Disposed as a Galactic Map) - Think of the Subliminal Tracks Acting out in accords to how we assemble a Higher Structural Imprint for Contact (By Initiating Beings Into the SAME VIBRATORY STRUCTURE {Emissions Sended on OUT} by Localizing from Presumptions into - The Informational Downloads & Beyond). We simply wish a Good day, to you sir and Mam, as Disposed on Galactic Free Press.

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