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Welcome to Starchild Global in 2014...! We have made it into a Brand New Cycle of Time where we are remembering that we are all Children of the Stars, becoming Conscious of Who We Are and Remembering our Cosmic Soul heritage.

2014 is the year in which we will reconnect with Nature, with Abundance, with Balance and Peace through Love! It is also the year of TRANSITION! As we move towards the Planetary New Year we are feeling the energies of change. Our Planet is changing and nothing will ever be the same again! This is a challenge as we adapt and form new ways of being on Earth and living with the Earth in Harmonious Relationship.

My name is Celia Fenn and I share my work and my passion with you through this website.

Please enjoy the site and the information! You will find the most recent information and updates below on this page.



by Celia Fenn

14th July 2014

I kind of like this Earth and would like to see our small blue planet becoming the Star of Light that she is meant to be, together will all who live on her.

For this reason, I travelled recently to Lake Baikal in Siberia to work with a Family of Light group to reconnect with the original purpose for Earth and with the power of the Shamanic tradition. Lake Baikal is the largest fresh water body on the Earth. It is a pristine and clear environment where the Elementals are still empowered and active according to the original blueprint. It is also one of the seed points for Shamanic tradition.

Shamanism is a view of the World that sees the Sacred and Spirit in all things. We can learn from the past as we move into the future. We need to learn form our past how to perceive the Sacred, to listen to Nature and to work with Nature to create a rich and balanced life as a Planetary Community. In the coming months I will be writing more about how we can make these connections in our everyday lives and how we can assist the Planet in her transition back into the original blueprint and then to evolve forward as a Planetary Community.

A Life that is Rich

When we begin to understand that all life is Sacred, we begin to see life in a different way. We begin to see the colors and the patterns of life. That is because we are not having all our attention taken up by the relentless need to earn and consume, we have time to notice the great symphony of life and our place within it.

We can begin by connecting with the Sacred Circle of Life. We are Galactic Shamans walking in the Fields of Dreams, and we are here to create our Dreams. We are also here to share in the Common Dream of Life and Creation, and to appreciate the Grand Creation of the Planet and all her beings. When we approach life and the planet from a perspective of wonder and gratitude and appreciation, we begin to see things that we would not see otherwise.

And we begin to appreciate our place on the Earth and our part in this Great Transition.

We may also begin to feel that we ned to "walk our talk" and begin to see how we can change our lives to align with the incoming energies of the new. These new energies will take us back to the original blueprint and then onwards to a Planet in Harmony and Balance. But we must take those steps towards harmony and balance, and look at the ways in which our lives are still connected to the outgoing system of consumerism. At this time of change, it is inevitable that we will live with one foot in each world, so to speak, but we should be working to ensure that we move more and more towards a world of harmony and balance, and that we make these choices.

It is up to us. This is what we are here for. We need to make the life choices that will align us with an Earth Future that is rich and harmonious and supports All Life.

Thought for the Day : Today I will make Choices that support Life on Earth........Today I will be aware of the Richness of Life.....Today I will be aware that all life is Sacred!


The Tenth Pachacuti Prophecy

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The Tenth Pachacuti Prophecy also says that the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South will fly together as brothers...

The masculine north is materialism and technology, and the feminine south is spirituality and shamanism...


Shamanism, family, circles...

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This change to the southern hemisphere and the western hemisphere is empowering the new Shamanism, the Universal Family Life, the working in circles of groups to ascend the planet's life and civilization, and balancing the living Earth's Unity Consciousness Grid.  This also allows for the Gaia Universal Life and Being to enter throughout the planetary grid systems to produce the new Ascended Universal Being of the Avatar Mother Universe.